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simple but lovely Russian nature lady
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Gorgeous Russian Model

Name: Maria
Age: 25
City: Berdsk, Russia
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Read Our Review)
ID#: 40467

Help me, mate; who does Maria remind you of? I see such a strong resemblance to some other Russian model from the past, but I just can't put my finger on it. Is it Verushka? I guess it doesn't matter but, wow, I can see why she's a model. 

Let me try to be objective. She has great lips, hair, eyes, hands; basically, the package. Objective enough?

If you take a look at her pictures, you'll understand my difficulty. I mean, if I'd not even looked at her occupation in her profile, I'd have guessed model. It's that apparent; see if you don't agree.

Like many Eastern European girls, she doesn't hide her desire for a good man in her life. In her profile she says:

I want to meet a man, who can be with me, who likes traveling like me. He should be smart, with a good sense of humor, if you can cook it`s a very big advantage.

So you guys who know how to cook might get extra points with this Russian beauty.

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Profile Updated: 04/02/2016