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Model Moldovan

Name: Kristina
Age: 22
City: Kishinev, Moldova
Agency: Anastasia (Read Our Review)
ID#: 1789603

Kristina is a very hot girl from a very small country.  I'm sure you have some questions like: Where is Moldova and are all the women there this damn HOT?

Well, my friend Moldova is a small country squeezed between Ukraine and Romania.  If that doesn't help you much don't worry, because any good travel agent can get you to Moldova.

More to the point, are all the girls in Moldova as hot as Kristina?  No, sadly there are women in Moldova who are not as hot as Kristina.

However, there are lots and lots of women who are every bit as hot as Kristina! 

Moldova is not a premier destination for international dating, becuase it is a lot tougher to get to than Russia, Colombia, or Ukraine.

It is also one of the poorest countries in Europe, so a Western guy is still very attractive to these girls.

Anyhow, Kristina's profile is over at AnastasiaDate.  Check her out!

Profile Updated: 01/18/2016