Serious Japanese Mail Order Bride

Name: Mika
Age: 22

City: Osaka, Japan

ID#: 01513720
Agency: Cherry Blossoms (Review)

Mika is a cute, but very serious Japanese girl.  She writes:  

I am a traditional Japanese gradate from Osaka University and also two years in UK university for English Language, Cabin attendant in 1st class of a Japanese Airline on international flights and am a chaste woman and never had a boy friend as we don’t need pre-marital relations, looking fir a younger man between 35 to 42 never married and with good character.

She is also looking for a serious guy.  Are you serious? If you’re serious, she’s serious.

Also, I can’t believe that her photo does her justice.  It’s not a bad photo, but I know for a fact that JAL has some of the hottest stewerdesses anywhere.  Actually, those girls are hot, smart, and generally very cool.

Being a stewerdess on JAL is still a dream job for millions of young Japanese women, so you can bet that Mika is in the top one half of one percent of all Japanese women in beauty and brains.

Honestly, this girl is a catch!

Sadly, we only have one photo, but check out her profile over at Cherry Blossoms, one of the oldest and best Asian dating sites.

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