Deleted Profiles – Where Did My Favorite Girl Go?

Good agencies delete profiles when the women are no longer interested in finding a man.  It really does not matter whether the lady has found the love of her life, decided to use a different dating service, or ran off to join the circus.

Profiles of women who are not interested in the service should be deleted or marked as no longer interested in receiving email as soon as an agency discovers the fact, because otherwise these ladies are simply a distraction both for the guys and for the other women who are still looking for a mate.

After all you don’t want to waste your money, and even more important your time, contacting a lady who has already moved from Odessa, Ukraine to Odessa, Texas.

Signs of a Scam Agency

One of the real marks of a scammer agency is that the stunning women never change.  If you go back to an agency in six months and all of the really stunning women are still there, especially the model quality girls, it is a sign that the agency is at the very least lax and not terribly interested in customer service and at worse a scam agency.

Gorgeous women attract more guys to sign-up, send more letters, and buy more gifts, so agencies sort of hate to see them go.   At scam agencies profiles of gorgeous women are never deleted, because they are always producing revenue. So, one of the best ways to scout legitimate agencies is to watch how they delete profiles.

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How long should a profile stay up at a legitimate agency?  That’s hard to say.  Just because a woman is gorgeous does not mean she will automatically find the man she is looking for and sometimes the women do not inform the agencies when they have decided to no longer respond to messages.

However, at any good agency there should be a regular turnover of profiles.  Some might only be up for days and others might stay up for years.  However, if you are a member of a site for a few months you should notice a gradual churn as new profiles are posted and old ones are deleted.

Goodbye Girls

Deleting profiles is especially painful, because here at ILS we are basically in the business of reviewing the profiles of the most amazing ladies on the web,  and these turn over pretty fast.  It’s a lot of work to keep a fresh set of reviews up, but hopefully we have helped some of these ladies find the happiness they are looking for.

Anyhow, if you see an amazingly hot girl that you are really interested in don’t wait to contact her, because there is no guarantee her profile will be up tomorrow.  It might, but it might not and then you never even gave yourself a chance.


When Mark Twain said, I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one, he might have been talking about a hot Russian bride that he didn’t contact  – or maybe not.

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