Great Young Thai Mom

Name: Dao
Age: 28

City: Udon Thani, Thailand

ID#: 1159442
Agency: AsianDate (Review)
young Thai mom sitting at the grass

OK, in the interests of full disclosure, I have to admit that I’m prejudiced towards Thai girls. So, you may want to filter my exuberance through those lenses.

But, if you take a look at Dao here, for instance, you may understand how I got that way. First, the photos are just cute as can be (and she even has a video over at Asian Beauties).

Dao has that typical Thai smile thing going on. Trust me, that phrase “land of smiles” may seem overused but once you go to Thailand, you begin to see how real it is, especially by the girls up in the north, like Udon Thani, where Dao lives.

She says I like taking care of the house, cooking, cleaning.

Dao is also a mom; according to her bio this sweet young Thai girl has twins! Two 6 year-old sons! Now, math was never my best subject, but if Doa is 21 and her sons are 6 – that means she had them when she was… Wow!

Now before you let that fact scare you off let me just point out a few reasons I think that makes Doa an even MORE attractive Thai bride candidate:

  1. You were probably gonna have kids anyway, right?  So, with Doa you get to skip right over all the stinky diapers and all night crying sprees. Six years old is right about the time kids start to get interesting. And they are still young enough to bond with their new daddy.
  2. With Doa you are getting a young woman who has taken care of 2 kids on her own for the last 6 years, so she is sure to be responsible and realistic, she probably has character and a soul way more advanced than any 21 year old you have ever known. BUT she is still only 21 years old, which means she is hot and will continue to be hot for a very long time. I know that’s pretty shallow and superficial, but hey… You were probably thinking the same thing.
  3. Say you’re a guy who likes to date younger women.  Well, you’ll discover pretty quickly that most 21 year olds just want to go to discos, party with their friends and blather on about silly things like their latest tattoo or how hammered they got the previous weekend.  With two 6 year old boys, Dow’s wild days are probably well in the past.

So, If you’re in search of a real wife, go to Asian Beauties and check out Dao, her photos, and her video.  She’s real wife material and will consider any serious guys from age 20 to 55.

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