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Hot Ukrainian Blonde

Name: Juliya
Age: 18
City: Odessa, Ukraine
Agency: Anastasia (Read Our Review)
ID#: 1584754

Snow white, that's what comes to mind when I look at Juliya's photos. Her bio says she's blonde but she's either peroxide blonde or just naturally has Johnny Winter-white hair. And tons of it.

Of course, she's just a kid, 18 and all, so I'm guessing anything's possible. Her bio's loaded with youthful bravado, enthusiasm, take-on-the-world enthusiasm. Ah, what a lovely thing, especially in such a gorgeous little (5'4", 52 kg) girl.

She's only just graduated from high school, and although she says she'll consider men from 28 to 43, I'm guessing you better be a high-energy bunny to keep up with this active, lively, and high energy girl.

A day with Juliya? Well, if it's summer (her favorite season), you'll start out at the beach and end up in a disco until 4am the next morning. You'll not want for attention either as she will show her man how I can love!

She says she's an artist who likes to draw in her spare time and her friends describe her as "courtly" in her manners. Well, at 18, you get to wear a lot of masks, and Juliya knows it.

You'll never lack for excitement with this girl. And although she says she wants to start a family with a nice man, I suspect the girl's got a good few party years in her yet. Who knows, you just may be able to combine the two and have the best of both worlds.

Check out her impressive scrapbook of photos at Anastasiadate.

Profile Updated: 01/13/2014