20 Most Beautiful Irish Women

Hottest Irish Girls

Hot Irish women — they’re everywhere! Whether you’re watching a runway show on TV or flipping through a magazine, at least one of these beauties is gracing you with her voluptuous curves and exquisite bone structure.

In fact, Irish women were voted as among the most beautiful in the world in one study. But even better for you, the same study showed their Irish men to be among the ugliest! So, even a plain Joe like you might have a shot with one of these ladies.

About ten percent of Irish girls are classic Celtic redheads like the great Maureen O’Hara.

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So, who are the most beautiful Irish women right now? Is each as gorgeous as the next one, and are there some hidden gems you might have not been aware of? What do these sexy Irish women have to offer?Let’s take a look, shall we? Here are twenty Celtic beauties that have taken the world by storm.

Stella Maxwell

Fashion Model

Stella Maxwell grown and sexy 2017 pictorial
Stella Maxwell Victoria's Secret model in a sexy black underwear
Stella Maxwell one of the world's sexiest woman

Victoria’s Secret is famous for its fleet of beauties, and one of the most beautiful Irish women who can call herself an Angel is none other than Stella Maxwell.

Stella was living the jet-set life even before she became a model. Since her father was a diplomat, she had traveled all around the world, including New Zealand and Australia, before she even graduated high school.

Once at the University of Otago, she got discovered as a fashion model and hasn’t looked back ever since. This bilingual (English and French), Northern Irish beauty has graced the covers of international editions of Vogue and modeled for designers such as Marc Jacobs. Furthermore, she has done advertising campaigns for brands like Puma and Urban Outfitters, not to mention opened shows such as the Concept Korea Spring/Summer 2011.

Right now, Stella has a massive following on Instagram, with more than 4 million people waiting to get a glimpse of her golden hair and blue eyes. Additionally, she has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015, taking part in the brand’s world-class runway shows.

Stella is absolutely fit and gorgeous! She is not in our Fitness girl gallery, but we have dozens other fitness girls who are just as hot.

Georgia Salpa

Glamour Model

Georgia Salpa sexy in FHM pictorial
Georgia Salpa seductive in two piece on the couch
Georgia Salpa in sexy bikini flaunting her body

Still oozing hotness even after having three children, Georgia Salpa Penna is a mix of Irish and Greek beauty. Her exotic looks have helped her become a famous model, and she has appeared in FHM multiple times.

However, Georgia didn’t let her good looks stop her from venturing out a bit. In the UK, she is famous for her appearance in Celebrity Big Brother, and she even appeared on the Republic of Telly, an Irish TV review and magazine program.

Though her Instagram following isn’t as large as that of some of the other sexy Irish women on this list, Georgia still has plenty to offer. Her luscious skin and raven hair have helped her become one of the hottest women in the world. Even though she isn’t modeling now, back in the day, her calendars were every guy’s dream! She is the ultimate Greek/Irish pin-up and is bound to keep that title for quite some time.

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Lucy Evangelista

Model, 2005 Miss Northern Ireland

Lucy Evangelista looking hot holding a ball
Lucy Evangelista posing at the beach
Lucy Evangelista Irish top model

Although she has stepped away from the beauty world a bit to put all her efforts into her new role as a wife and mother, Lucy Evangelista is a former beauty queen and definitely one of the most beautiful Irish women in the world.

Lucy is actually the ultimate girl next door, as she oozes sexiness but looks like an angel with her silky locks and a wide smile. That’s probably why she won the 2005 Miss Northern Ireland and got a spot among the top 15 most beautiful women at the 2005 Miss World.

Right now, Lucy is keeping busy, letting her creative juices flow, and inspiring women all around the world to forget about their insecurities. Most notably, she has dabbled in acting as well, appearing as Stella in the Liz Hurley TV show The Royals.

Katie Larmour

Designer, TV Presenter, Curator, Media Personality

Katie Larmour bikini picture
Katie Larmour Irish model
Katie Larmour bikini

Katie Larmour is many things, but one of the most notable ones is that she is one of the most beautiful Irish women we have ever come across. She has been gracing the TV screens in Ireland for many years now, working as a host for UTV, RTE, and Setanta.

Yet, Katie isn’t just a pretty face. Indeed, her appearance has certainly helped her pave the way for other hot Irish women looking to establish their careers. She was even Natalie Portman’s body double for the movie Your Highness. However, Katie made sure to get an education and holds a degree from the University of Ulster.

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Currently, Lucy is an exquisite designer at Katie Larmour Irish Linen. Furthermore, since 2008, she has been the face of Belfast Fashion Week and has even hosted the show.

Hazel O’Sullivan


Hazel O'Sullivan hot Irish glamour model
Hazel O'Sullivan outdoor pictorial beside the pool
Hazel O'Sullivan wearing a sexy Santa outfit

Just one look at Hazel O’Sullivan is enough to understand why she has ended up on our list of the most beautiful Irish women in the world. Her cascading locks and her bust have helped her become famous in the UK — and rub shoulders with celebrities.

Hazel is most famous as a Big Brother housemate and WAG (Wives and Girlfriends). Her current main squeeze is Andros Townsend, with whom she shares two children.

What makes Hazel so incredible? She has come out as a winner after going through a crazy childhood. Moreover, she has done well for herself by staying sociable and making friends with the right people. Some catty women would say she’s manipulative, but you cannot trust such stories. As it turns out, Hazel is now a dedicated mom that hasn’t lost even a bit of her sexiness.

Tiffany Stanley

Model, Actress

Tiffany Stanley blonde Irish model
Tiffany Stanley maxim pictorial on the couch
Tiffany Stanley stunning Irish model in lingerie

Tiffany Stanley may not be very famous right now, but since the blonde has moved to LA to finally conquer Hollywood, expect to see more of her in the following years.

Born in 1988 in Kildare, Tiffany is one of the most beautiful Irish women because she’s not only graceful but smart too. She knows that Hollywood requires more effort than merely moving to LA. Thus, she has even hired a dialect coach to help her sound better.

Still, Tiffany hasn’t forgotten her roots. Her Instagram boasts over 900,000 followers, and she’s often in Ireland, promoting both herself and others.

Tiffany has become a true influencer and regularly shares her newest finds with her audience. At the same time, she isn’t afraid to appear vulnerable. Just recently, Tiffany talked about the glitz and glam of the influencer life and how sometimes you cannot know what’s going on in someone’s life based on the popular photo-sharing platform.

Olivia Wilde

Actress, Producer, Director, Activist

Olivia Wilde seductive pictorial at the beach
Olivia Wilde seriously sexy
Olivia Wilde as Supergirl

Most of us first came across Olivia Wilde while watching House MD, but younger generations might even recognize her as Alex from the OC. Since then, she has built quite a career as a model and actress. Recently, she even directed her first movie, Booksmart.

What makes Olivia one of the most beautiful Irish women in the world is her versatility. She is a modern woman that comes from a long line of upper-class journalists and writers. Furthermore, she is well educated and studied at the Gaiety School of Acting in Ireland.

Almost everyone in her family knew how to manipulate the written word, so it’s no wonder Olivia is quick-witted and smart. What’s more, her career is far from over. With new projects coming in from left and right, Olivia is sure to stay in Hollywood’s spotlight for many years to come.

Roz Purcell

Model, Charity Worker, Miss Universe Ireland 2010

Roz Purcell sexy hot on the runway
Roz Purcell showing off her amazing body
Roz Purcell in a hot sexy red two piece lingerie

When she was 19, Roz Purcell won Miss Universe Ireland 2010. Ever since then, we haven’t been able to forget how gorgeous she is — and neither has the world.

With more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, a bright smile, and eyes that could launch a thousand ships, Roz has branched out over the years. She was even a judge at the Miss Venezuela 2010 pageant, a stint that was brought upon by her winning a place in the top 10 at Miss Universe 2010.

Yet, Roz is also one of the most beautiful Irish women alive due to her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. She’s not afraid to show her flaws, but she works hard on staying in shape, and the results are evident if you take just one glance at her curves. She even published a cookbook Natural Born Feeder in 2016 and often posts her recipes online, showing everyone that eating healthy is quite possible, even when you’re as busy as Roz.

Laura Whitmore

Broadcaster, Actress

Laura Whitmore in yellow bikini
Laura Whitmore taking a selfie in front of the mirror
Laura Whitmore women's health magazine pictorial

A dazzling lady, no doubt, Laura Whitmore is famous for her stint as the face of MTV Europe and as the presenter of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! However, since leaving that position to check if the grass is greener somewhere else, she has become even more popular, with new audiences getting a chance to see her in Strictly Come Dancing.

Mostly known as a broadcaster, Laura is one of the most beautiful Irish women in the world due to her good looks, brains, and the ability to adapt to various situations. She was incredible while dancing on Strictly and as a Eurovision commentator. Yet, she has also appeared in Four Weddings and a Funeral (the TV show) and is slowly but surely becoming a well-known actress as well.

Nadine Coyle

Singer, Actress, Model

Nadine Coyle performing
Nadine Coyle seductive on stage holding a mic
Nadine Coyle sexy Irish model in black swimsuit

Right now, you can watch Nadine battle the jungle in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! However, until a few years ago, she was most famous for her singing abilities. Along with Cheryl Cole, she was part of Girls Aloud and achieved great success.

That particular role has kept her in the limelight ever since. After Girls Aloud broke off, she started her solo career. Furthermore, she has appeared as a judge on America’s Next Top Model and even became a mom in 2014.

It’s safe to say, though, that Nadine hasn’t lost her appeal over the years. She is as beautiful as she was at the start of her career and is definitely one of those sexy Irish women that age like wine.

What’s more, if there’s one thing you can say about her, it’s that she’s brave. Nadine herself says that she is afraid of her shadow. Still, since she wanted to try something new, she opted to go to the jungle and finally wake up the inner wildness she has probably always had.

Nicola Hughes

Model, Reality Star

Nicola Hughes flashes legs in hotel
Nicola Hughes tired and sexy
Nicola Hughes shy and quiet Dublin girl

With over 200,000 followers on Instagram, Nicola Hughes is a rising star. She has even graced the small screen by appearing on Made in Chelsea.

Little do people know that Nicola actually started modeling when she was 18, which makes her career over a decade long now. Thus, it’s no wonder that more and more people are beginning to notice her good looks, figure, and a keen eye for fashion. Even Cheryl Cole’s ex Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini couldn’t resist her!

It appears bright future awaits Nicola, and the world is yet to see everything she’s got to offer. For now, though, we can be dazzled on a daily basis by her photos, her golden hair, and svelte figure.

Nadia Forde

Model, Singer, Actress

Nadia Forde FHM photo
Nadia Forde sexy picture
Nadia Forde sizzling hot naked on the bed

As one of the most beautiful Irish women in the world, Nadia Forde definitely has her looks going for her. She’s fierce competition to Georgia Salpa, as she too has dark hair and gorgeous dark eyes. Still, unlike Salpa, Nadia isn’t as well known — yet.

Even FHM knows Nadia is sexy, and her Instagram photos confirm that. She’s a classic beauty that doesn’t even need makeup at all. Moreover, her figure is the envy of many and makes her the perfect model for those who love some curves.

What’s even more impressive is that Nadia is also a mom now. You wouldn’t tell by her appearance, as she keeps it together and regularly posts about her life on Instagram. What’s more, she’s no stranger to reality TV. She appeared in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, and even had her own show, Nadia Goes to Hollywood.

Holly Carpenter

Model, Miss Ireland 2011

Holly Carpenter sexy abs
Holly Carpenter hot and wild in the shower
Holly Carpenter wearing pink bikini on the sofa

Beauty and brains — that’s exactly how we would describe Holly Carpenter, one of the most beautiful Irish women the world has ever seen.

A granddaughter of Terry Keane, Holly grew up in Dublin in the suburbs. She speaks three languages and was in the process of getting her degree when she won the Miss Ireland national beauty pageant, which helped her start her career as a model.

It didn’t take her long to catch someone’s eye. Later, she even went on to take part in Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model.

No stranger to the celebrity status, Holly stayed in the limelight over the years. She took part in Celebrity MasterChef Ireland in 2017 and Dancing with the Stars in 2019. Moreover, she was even a Herald newspaper columnist at one point.

Currently, she boasts a decent following on Instagram and regularly posts about her life, showing off her dazzling figure along the way.

Vogue Williams

TV Presenter, DJ, Model, Media Personality

Vogue Williams Irish media personality
Vogue Williams naked pictorial behind leaves
Vogue Williams flaunts sexy body

Vogue Williams, an Irish model and celebrity, surely knows how to spark interest. As one of the most beautiful Irish women in the world, she hasn’t been shy about showing off both her looks and personality. In fact, her bubbly demeanor is what has placed her on our list; there’s just something incredible about a girl that knows how to take a joke and looks hot!

Vogue is also a reality star that got her break by appearing in Fade Street and on various dancing shows, such as Stepping Out and Dancing with the Stars. Still, she’s no stranger to tabloids either. She had a highly publicized relationship with former Westlife member Brian McFadden. On top of that, she’s now married to Spencer Matthews, reformed bad boy, whose brother is married to Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister.

With such ties to the royal family and her natural beauty, who knows what Vogue will do next? She’s shown that she’s a good host and an influencer worthy of a follow. With over 600,000 followers on Instagram, we predict she’ll stay in the limelight for years to come.

Laura Lacole

Glamour Model

Laura Lacole steaming hot picture
Laura Lacole Irish bombshell
Laura Lacole seductive sexy on the bed

Laura Lacole got her start as a model at a racing championship, and even back then, she had the looks for an international career. After that, she went on to grace many magazines and newspapers, specializing in glamour modeling.

Yet, Laura is on our list of the most beautiful Irish women because she’s also not afraid to speak her mind. In 2017, she was the first woman in Northern Ireland to be married in a humanist ceremony. She also said that Ireland discriminates against humanists, sparking many debates online.

Still, what Laura does best is look magnificent. Her looks remind us of the 1980s, with bleached blonde hair and big eyebrows. She has the Irish charm and beauty many of the women here share, but we’ll give her extra points for her personality.

Louise Byrne


Louise Byrne FMD pictorial
Louise Byrne Irish fashion model
Louise Byrne fit Irish model

Louise is a new face in the modeling world, but she has already landed some great gigs and had a chance to work with some of the most popular brands. Furthermore, her face is just what the modeling world is after. She offers classic beauty that looks good in any setting, and her brown hair and eyes ooze with warmth.

Still, that isn’t to say Louise Byrne is not hot. Indeed, since she is a model, maintaining her physique is a must, and Louise does it quite well. However, she’s natural, and her beauty is subtle.

Hopefully, we’ll see more of her in different magazines and newspapers. Right now, we can admire her perfect advertorials and modeling campaigns!

Kelly Horrigan


Kelly Horrigan selfie in the bathroom
Kelly Horrigan naked
Kelly Horrigan abs

With incredible cheekbones, luscious locks, and a body to die for, Kelly Horrigan deserves a spot on our list of the most beautiful Irish women. She has it all — looks and brain — and more importantly, she’s not afraid to show it!

Kelly has been modeling since she was 15, and during that time, she has established a career many girls would envy. However, she is not looking for modeling to be her be-all and end-all. She is also working in marketing with her digital marketing and online branding agency.

Kelly herself says modeling was always a plan B, but we have to say she shouldn’t quit it just yet. With a body like hers and natural beauty, she could be one of the greats one day!

Abby Harris


Abby Harris Irish model
Abby Harris Irish fashion model
Abby Harris pictorial

Abby Harris describes herself as a “professional clothes hanger” and a “human mannequin” — but we can tell she’s more than that. The Irish beauty has been making waves in the modeling world since 2015 and is now one of the most popular Irish models.

Abby’s unassuming beauty is probably to blame for her whirlwind career. Her bone structure is just what the modeling world needs, and she has the classic Irish beauty: long, brown hair, and blue eyes.

Still, her career has only started. But, give it a couple of years; we’re sure Abby will become recognizable all over the world.

Joanne Northey


jo no.PNG
Joanne Northey in a daring pictorial

As you can see, Irish women are taking over the modeling world by storm, and one of their leaders is most certainly Joanne Northey.

From Greystones, Wicklow, Joanne is slowly building her social media following and showing everyone why she’s one of the most beautiful Irish women in the world. However, at the same time, she’s keeping up with all the trends and branching out. As a fine print graduate and artist, Joanne has the creativity necessary to further her career down the line.

In the meantime, she’s taking modeling jobs without getting into all the drama. She praises the fact that the industry is now looking for more natural women and hopes the notion continues. Furthermore, she’s not afraid to talk about her insecurities. Getting judged and compared to other beautiful women every day is difficult to overcome.

Yet, it seems that Joanne is doing something right; more and more people are noticing her good looks and superb attitude. Hopefully, in the future, she becomes a regular cover girl for many magazines and a catwalk staple.

Rachel Montague


Rachel Montague swimwear pictorial for assets model agency
Rachel Montague Irish model
Rachel Montague Irish model and dancer

As a dancer and model, Rachel Montague has built quite a career for herself in Ibiza. Even though she arrived without any money in 2009, she quickly caught the attention of a model agency. Soon after, she got plenty of modeling gigs. Even today, she is doing various photoshoots in front of an exotic backdrop.

When it comes to sexy Irish women, Rachel sure knows how to play with the camera. She brings out her allure for all her photoshoots and isn’t afraid to show off her assets.

Her raven hair helps her look incredible in photos, which is why she’s so appealing and someone to stay on the lookout for. With her Instagram following rising (she’s at about 17,000 now), Rachel should stay in the limelight and potentially even become a hugely popular influencer.

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