Sexy Ukraine Pharmacist

Name: Ludmila
ID#: 196394
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 20

City: Kharkov, Ukraine


Occupation: Pharmacist
Religion: Christian
English Level: Basic
Languages: Ukrainian (native), Russian (native)

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

Ludmila can fill a prescription for Viagra or she could just smile at you.


This lady is the total package: intelligent, sweet, and stunning.


I don’t know what else to say, but damn!

Have you ever dated a woman who looks like that in a bikini?  Would you like to date a woman who looks like that in a bikini?

Then why dear Lord have you not clicked on the Date Me button?  

She seems like a sweet girl and she writes that, “The age of a man is not important to me.”  Did you read that?  This glorious young woman with an ass that should be in music videos said, “The age of a man is not important to me!”

That means if you remember where you were the day JFK was shot you still have a shot at Ludmilla.  This is what makes international dating so attractive for so many men: you can date the hottest women in the world. 

Her profile and a lot of other sexy photos are over at A Foreign Affair.  They are a great company who specialize in actually helping you meet beautiful foreign women in person.

Check her out!

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

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