Sexy Interpreter

Name: Natalia
ID#: 71656
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 31

City: Moscow, Russia


Occupation: Interpreter
Religion: Christian
English Level: Excellent
Languages: Russian (native),French (exellent)

Archetypes: Fluent

Natalia: the name seems to just roll off of my tongue. It’s an alluring and exotic name. It is the perfect name for this sexy Russian interpreter.

Natalia supposedly works for a television channel. I’m having a hard time believing that. In my mind she is a sexy secret agent, traveling the world with her multilingual sex appeal, kind of a female James Bond.

But she’s grown weary of a life of danger and now she’s looking to settle down.

I see Angelina Jolie in the movie version of her life.

Ah, man… There goes my imiganation again… Sorry!

The real story is that this sultry Russian woman is a physically active interpreter that speaks Russian, English and French. She likes to stay active by playing sports and enjoys traveling, nature and reading books.

According to her profile, Natalia does not drink or smoke, and she is looking for a REAL MAN (she placed that in capitals for emphasis) who is up to 45 years old, clever and attractive.

I don’t know what “REAL MAN” means exactly, but if you think it sounds like you, then you can contact this sexy interpreter at A Foreign Affair.

Maybe Natalia will be lounging around on your couch in a black evening dress some day soon.

Archetypes: Fluent

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