Sexy Costa Rican Single

Name: Nicole
ID#: 198137
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 23

City: San Jose, Costa Rica


Occupation: Self-employed
Religion: Catholic
English Level: Not specified
Languages: Spanish (native)

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

When you are looking at the photos in Nicole’s album, the word that might come to you if you are looking to describe her would be ‘elegant’.

This is an incredible Costa Rican girl!  We have tons more in our galleries but this lady is special!

She certainly knows how to wear clothing to make them look good as well as making her look good.

At 23 years of age she states she is still a student so that would be a question a guy could ask her. What is she studying?

Maybe she is going to be a doctor?

Who knows?

She seems like a very sweet girl.  Nicole writes, Hello everyone here, I’m Nicole I’m very nice and simpatic girl I would like to be a model.

OK, well her aspirations to be a model seem reasonable.

She goes on and explains that and does something very kind.  She hopes that you to find you love match.

She writes, I wish the best of luck in finding your special person…

To me this shows that Nicole a beautiful, romantic heart.

She says that

I am such a hopeless romantic girl… so I want a man just like that… I look in my mind a very traditional man that really knows how to treat a lady, someone respectful but adventurous… just as me… I am pretty good at making people laugh so I want someone with humour and God in his heart!

I believe her.

Nicole is from Costa Rica, and lives in San Jose which is the capital. It’s not a big city when you compare it to other countries. And has a population of about 400,000.

It is elevated over 1,100 metres above sea level and the city sits in between some volcanoes on one side and mountains on the other.

Sounds simply fantastic, and certainly a place a guy would love to visit even if he wasn’t going there to meet the woman of his dreams.

The strange thing about San Jose is that in a country that has beautiful coast lines on either side, the capital is not located on one of them.

On the other hand, a trip to the beach on any given day looks like it would be easy.

A romantic walk along a beach at sunset is a common enough picture you get in your mind, and doing that with this beautiful young lady on your arm would certainly make it special.

Nicole is looking for a partner that needs to be over 18 years old.

One would imagine that she would prefer an older man as most women who live in South America do.

She has a wide range of interests, or like a lot of the women who register online, she wanted to make sure that no area of common interest would be missed when she starts chatting with you.

For you, the man interested in contacting her, that’s both good and bad. Good because you can work your way through the ones she REALLY likes.

And bad, because you have quite a few to go through to get to the ones of common interest. Still, it will give you a lot to talk about.

The communication must start with you. It’s recommended that you send Nicole an email and let her know that you are interested.

She wants a guy with a sense of humour, someone who can make her laugh as well as make her heart beat faster.

If that’s you and you find her attractive, which is a dumb thing to think anybody wouldn’t, then get the ball rolling. Nicole is waiting. Romance is waiting.

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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