Klassy Kenyan

Name: Dyline
ID#: 1221474
Agency: Kenya Cupid (Review)
Age: 18

City: Nairobi, Kenya


Archetypes: Motivated Brides

Class is right! This 18 year old from Nairobi is above the clouds in every way. She’s active in body and mind, when most women are only one of the two. Call me dazzled. Dyline is a Student by occupation and a Christian woman by religion.

While she does have a beautiful body, it makes sense why. She’s a swimmer! Swimming is one of the most strenuous sports that the human body can endure.

Imagine nearly all of the muscles in your entire body straining and flexing as you push yourself through a pool a crystalline water. It doesn’t end there, though. She loves dancing, the most interpretive of the moving arts, and I’m sure she won’t be too shy to give an example.

Of course, you have to have music to dance to. Hip hop and R&B are her choices to get her moving and on her feet.

She describes herself as:

Jovial and fun loving. I love all that makes my life a smiling paradise.

I can hardly think of anything more relaxing and simple as someone who just wants to relax and enjoy life. Making her smile would be a reward all in itself. She’s looking for a understanding, outgoing, and humorous guy to keep her eyes sparkling and a smile on her sweet face.

Go on over to Africabeauties to see more pictures of her, and send her a message if you think you’re the funny guy that can make her dreams come true. Don’t forget the punch line!

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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