Graceful Vietnamese Dancer

Name: Thi Ngoc Tuyet
ID#: 1255268
Agency: AsianDate (Review)
Age: 23

City: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Occupation: Business owner
English Level: Fluent

Archetypes: Sexy Artists

sexy Vietnamese dancer

Thi Ngoc Tuyet is a hot, sexy 23 year old Vietnamese bride. She says she is a dancer and I love dancers!


Don’t you love dancers?

Come on, man!

I don’t know where she dances or what she dances, but she obviously dances somewhere. She has the beautiful elegant body of a dancer and I bet she moves like grace personified.

She also says she is a basketball player.


Somehow that just seems strange.

The average Vietnamese woman is almost exactly 5 feet tall and by that standard Ngoc is tall and like many tall people one of the things she likes to do is …play basketball.

She says so on her profile over at AsianDate.

Now, I can almost hear some of you gym rats or former gym rats chuckling.   Well, that might be a mistake. If she says she’s a baller – she’s a baller.

A really good girl basketball player, even one 5’5 can run a lot of guys off the court, particularly as a point guard.

And a damn cute baller!

And it only gets better!

Because Ngoc, which is probably the name she goes by, says that her favorite spectator sport is baseball!


Shockingly, they do play baseball in Vietnam. At least from what I could find in a few quick Google searches. That’s one of the things I like about this job. I learn a lot of truly strange stuff.

And wouldn’t you love to dress Ngoc in a Pirates Jersey and a throwback cap and take her out to Heinz field, in some Daisy Dukes?

Ngoc would be pure Jumbotron material cute, sweet, and sexy has hell. Get her a couple of beers and one of those $12 hot dogs and you would have a hell of a time.

Ngoc says she wants to be a teacher. That’s cool. Maybe she will end up teaching in Iowa or New South Wales. I don’t know, but I bet she would be a great teacher.

If you want to date or marry an athletic beauty then you can’t do much better than Ngoc.  Check out her profile over at AsianDate and dropd her a message.

Archetypes: Sexy Artists

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