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Name: Winnie Aloo
ID#: 1230231
Agency: Kenya Cupid (Review)
Age: 21

City: Nairobi, Kenya


Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

You can always tell a lot about a person even if they seem to be somebody of few words.

Sometimes, we are blessed to have the women tell us quite a lot about themselves. Doesn’t matter if they don’t, you can always use deductive reasoning to find out about somebody.

Take Winnie for example.

Her profile at African Beauties doesn’t say a whole lot. She doesn’t really go all long winded about who she is and what she wants. That’s actually a good character trait to look for if you are a similar type of man.

She is very direct and to the point. When it comes to her type of man, this is what she says that she is looking for:

Tall – Unfortunately, if you aren’t big enough to get on the grown up roller coasters at the amusement park she just might not be the one for you.

Handsome – I know that there are some men out there that are particularly unfortunate looking.  It’s not their fault, but it’s also not what she is looking for.

Social – Once again, very direct and to the point.  While there is nothing wrong with ordering fifteen pizzas and locking yourself in your apartment for an entire month so you don’t have to talk to anyone; this might be a deal breaker when it comes to this woman.  She is definitely a person that likes people that like other people.

Caring – If you are the type of guy that will drive across the country to deliver her cold medicine when she is sick, or one that will just lend an ear so she can tell you her troubles than you just might be the guy for her.

Her interests include playing tennis and handball, which also lends to the thought that you might want to be a guy that is in shape if you want to date her.

You may not realize it, but that handball takes a lot of endurance.  If you think that you can handle all of that than this might be the woman for you.

Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

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