the future of bachelors abroad

The Future of Bachelors Abroad

A lot of guys are wondering what the future is for the National Geographic Channel’s new reality show Bachelors Abroad. It aired once, on Saturday January 12, 2013, and had an immediate impact on guys who are interested in pursuing foreign brides, particularly Ukrainian women, and on the whole business of romance tours.

However, currently the National Geographic Channel does not have any follow up episodes of Bachelors Abroad scheduled and this has caused a lot of questions among visitors to International Love Scout. So, we reached out to John Adams the owner of A Foreign Affair, who was one of the main characters in Bachelors Abroad, because his company organized the romance tour featured in the show.

We asked him what he thought of the first episode and asked him about the future plans for Bachelors Abroad. According to John there are plans to air the first episode again and to show additional episodes. Here is his reply in full:

Thank you for your E-mail and your interest. I thought the show was very well done, and did a good job of portraying what takes place in the tours. Obviously, I was there and I can tell you that none of it was scripted, they just followed the guys on dates and at the socials and filmed what happen as it took place, the good and the bad, which I thought was great. Yes we expect more episodes but I am not sure when they will run. I also think that they will rerun the first one as well. Thanks again for your interest. John

There is the answer straight from the source and as soon as we find out any additional information about the show we will pass it along.

From my point of view, I thought Bachelor’s Abroad did an excellent job of portraying what goes on romance tours. They are fun and you can see why A Foreign Affairs romance tours are so well regarded.

The company has a well trained staff that has dealt with almost every problem imaginable and they know where the minefields are when a couple of dozen middle aged American men come into contact with hundreds and hundreds of beautiful Ukrainian women.

There is some shock and a learning curve for both the men and the women. It also makes it clear that women still want to leave Eastern Europe, because it is a hard drinking, generally patriarchal society, with fewer chances for economic advancement than they have available in the West.

The Ukrainian women featured in the episode seemed very honest and grounded in reality.

But Bachelors Abroad also makes it obvious that these women are not desperate and Western men still have to work to present themselves as quality husband material, not only because of their economic status, but mostly as good compassionate human beings who have the necessary intangibles to be great husbands and fathers too if kids are a consideration.

So, we are really excited about Bachelors Abroad, because I believe it can help guys really make good informed decisions about whether to really go all out and pursue international dating.

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