Sexy Chinese Stewardess

Name: Fan

Age:  28

City: Beijing, China

Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)

ID#: 104565

Remember the days of hot stewardesses on US airlines.  No, you’re probably too young, but once upon a time, lad, stewardesses were sex symbols.  Airlines actually competed to see who had the hottest stewardesses.

Braniff actually ran ads about how hot their stewardesses were.  They were all like flying Victoria Secrets models. Damn!

Now, they are called flight attendants and seem to average about sixty-three years old.  I could live with that, but most of them seem grumpy too.

And, before I get a mountain of hate mail I’d be grumpy too doing that job and putting up with demanding jerks like me and you.

Well, apparently in China hot flight attendants are still the norm and Fan is a super example. She really seems like a sweet girl and she has a beautiful smile.

Her profile is brought to us by the Good people at A Foreign Affair. Check her out!