Romantic China Bride

Name: Xiao Ling

Age:  20

City: Qingdao, China

Agency: AsianDate (Review)

ID#: 1402120


stunning Chinese girl in a shiny red dress

The term ‘romantic’  doesn’t fully describe Chinese beauty, Xiao Ling. Her profile is basically a poem. She speaks both English and Chinese and she is probably a very intelligent woman.

She has sort of a presence about her that almost reminds me of the women in Wuxia Chinese films such as House of Flying Daggers.

It is a sense of romance, culture and royalty that makes any one watching instantly fall in love with the leading lady. That is what I get when I look at Xiao Ling’s photos – a feeling of awe.

Based on her profile, I also get the feeling that Xiao Ling is aware of this presence. This 22 year old woman describes herself as brave, loyal, noble and romantic. She also writes that she is pursuing perfection and is looking for a tall and romantic man.

Besides looking for a tall man, Xiao Ling would like to travel to America and eventually live there. In America, she could eat grapes while lying in a beautiful meadow of lilies on a late summer afternoon.

Okay, once again, if it sounds like I am describing a Wuxia film, I promise you this was on her profile.

Xiao Ling likes to sing, dance and do yoga. If you are wondering if you are tall enough, she doesn’t list an ideal height.  She does list hers as 5’5 though, so you should probably be taller than that.

For more about Xiao Ling, check out her profile (and especially her pictures) at AsianBeauties. If you want to learn more about Wuxia, check out this list of the top 10 Wuxia films.

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