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How to Make International Dating Agencies Work for YOU!

International dating agencies are in an extremely competitive industry. They really want your business and they really want you to be a satisfied customer. They will move mountains to make you happy if you just know what to ask for and how to ask. So, here are a few pointers to get the dating services to treat you like royalty:

1. Read Our Reviews!

At ILS we work very hard to explain the agencies’ services and price structure to help you get the best price and service you can, so take advantage of our research.

2. Sign Up For Free!

Every agency offers some sort of a free sign up. It is really worth it to sign up at two or three agencies just to get a feel for how they operate. All of them want to send you email newsletters and updates, usually profiles of their latest girls, but sometimes they offer specials exclusively to their newsletter members.

3. Read The Fine Print!

Yes, the girls are hot and you are interested, but before you open your wallet be sure about what you are buying. Are you buying postal addresses, email addresses, letters, tokens of some sort, or even phone numbers? Sometimes you might be buying into a new membership level, if so, what does that mean?

The biggest thing to watch out for are recurring charges and lack of an email address, because in most of the world the postal service is somewhere between poor and non-existent. Today nearly everyone can be reached in a couple of days through email, so don’t spend money on a girl who doesn’t have email or access to email through an agencies’ email system.

4. If You Are Not Certain: Test the waters!

You don’t have to dive into international dating head first. Yes, the top level platinum and VIP plans the agencies offer have a lot of very useful services and extra options, but for less than $30.00, often considerably less, you can test a site and see if you like it.

For instance, AnastasiaAmolatina, and Asian Beauties all offer introductory plans for $15.99. Other agencies have similar options and they are worth considering if you are hesitant to make the leap. If you are pleased with the introductory plan you can always move up to the platinum or VIP program and get the extra options and services, but if you are unhappy you are only out the cost of a couple of six packs or maybe a steak dinner on the high end.

5. If You Are Unhappy, Complain!

Don’t be scared to complain. All of these agencies are very net savvy and they know that their clients also understand the internet, and the last thing that any of these agencies want is for an unhappy customer to be complaining in chat rooms and on message boards that they are scammers.

So, if you are unhappy contact them and let them know. One big complaint is not receiving a reply from a woman to your email after several days and usually if you contact the agency they will check it out. Sometimes the super hot girl has moved or changed emails or been swept off her feet by a used car salesman from Omaha. In those cases, usually the agency will refund your credit and let you contact someone else.

If a girl is trying to scam you the agency will almost always refund your credit and usually they will agree to refund your payment if it is really a clear cut scam attempt. The good agencies are working hard to overcome the negative image from some of the scams that took place in the 1990s, so they are usually willing to address anyone with a reasonable complaint.

However, remember, the agency cannot promise that there is even one woman on their site who will fall madly in love with you, so try to think clearly about the difference between poor service, scams, and simply being unlucky in love. There is a difference.

6. Have Fun!

I can’t promise that you will find the love of your life on an international marriage site, but I do believe that most men can meet someone right for them if they really try.