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Beautiful Filipina

Name: Madeline
Age: 32
City: Cebu City, Philippines
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Read Our Review)
ID#: 139505

Let me start by saying that although her name might suggest otherwise, Madeline is not from the Caribbean. She is actually a beautiful young woman from the Philippines. 

Madeline describes herself as a typical Filipina that likes to keep things simple. She also says she is an athletic girl that is emotional.

I don't equate keeping things simple with being emotional, but perhaps some of that was lost in translation. What did cross my mind when I looked at her profile picture was that she is as a breath of fresh air.

Madeline describes herself as typical, but what exactly does that mean? We've seen quite a few Filipina girls over here and it is hard to say that there is a type. For example, check out these Filipina ladies:

Would you consider them typical?

Perhaps what Madeline is talking about is the tendency for Filipinas to be smart, sexy and motivated. She is only 32, is in college, and is talking about finding a partner that will make her smile. I would dare to say she is motivated.

If that is not what she means by typical, perhaps it's the fact that most Filipina brides expect their husbands to support their extended family.

While that may sound intimidating, the cost of supporting a Filipino family is not that high, considering the cost of living in that country.

Maybe the first question to this young beauty shouldn't be about her favorite foods. I would suggest starting with: how many brothers and sisters do you have?

Profile Updated: 09/29/2016