Sexy In Daisy Dukes

Name: Ekaterina
ID#: 45858
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 27

City: Kursk, Russia


Occupation: Artist
Religion: Russian Orthodox
English Level: Good

That face.  Those eyes.  That body.  Ekaterina is obviously someone you to tell secrets to.  A modern woman that loves to travel.

Brown eyes I’ve always found were the most honest.  As soon as she looks at you there are no need for words.

Language is not necessary. You can look into those eyes and know all about this beautiful woman.

Most of us when looking for a mate want someone that wants to learn with us.   At twenty, Ekaterina already knows she wants more out of life.

New experiences, living in new countries, speaking new languages.  She even has a college degree.

The type of young lady that would sit and have coffee then in two hours have her bags packed ready to fly off and hike the tallest mountain.

nubile Russian babe posing outdoors

Wouldn’t you like to see that smile in person?

She explains that,

I am that kind of woman that can live anywhere and learn new language as it is needed, as I don’t want to be an old fashion person who lives her enter life in one city and doesn’t want to look and study the world around her.

That is exactly the sort of fun adventurous attitude you want in a beautiful young mail order bride.

And there is just so much to Ekaterina.  She is a deep character.

I love Music she says.  Music is universal.  The sharing of it, a bond that many times is never broken.

She cooks?  A beautiful young woman who will cook you a meal while spinning records.

In all my life I’ve never heard a woman wanting to be understood by one word.  Think about that.

Someone needing something so simple.  The depth of that is beautiful.

What would your one word be?  I may be getting mushy here, but I can think of many words.

Her pictures are wonderful.

wonderful Russian babe

Interestingly, she looks different in each one, but she always looks SEXY!

How great would it be to take her picture.  Ekaterina loves fashion and photography.  Just another of the many things she wants to share.

I have one word for you.  Pack.  Find her.  Take her picture.  Buy her dinner.  She’ll cook the second one.

You can find Ekaterina over at Behappy2Day. She’s waiting.

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