Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria

Name: Kudirat Tosin
ID#: 1236083
Agency: Afrointroductions (Review)
Age: 19

City: Lagos, Nigeria


Archetypes: Motivated Brides

We always love it when a girl is direct and tells you exactly what she wants.

That being said, let’s turn our attention for a moment to Kuridat. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria she has no shortage of words when it comes to what she wants out of life and what she wants in a man.

“..I have a very good heart and I like to treat people. In my spare time, I like to walk around the city, going to the movies, chat with friends. I like and know how to cook well. I really like to care about myself and be in good shape all the time.”

I have studied dancing and yoga. I plan to start lessons for swimming and gymnastics. I love the sun, the sea, the beach! I also dance well! Maybe, could we dance together?? I really enjoy to travel, know something new, find adventures, learn new things! I also love to read…

Now, this is definitely a woman that is trying to live life at its fullest.

She may only be nineteen but you can tell from the way she talks about herself that she has a good soul and wants to enjoy life as much as possible.

She is also very direct and to the point when it comes to what kind of man she is looking for:

“..I’m looking for a reliable, strong man who is interested in creating a family. He should be caring, kind, sincere and romantic! He has to could share my interests and we need to have understanding between us.”

“I want to go through life hand in hand with him and no matter what, we could always understand and support each other. A man who will give me his heart and then I will present him my heart in hope that he will cherish it.”

If you are the type of guy that wants to live life to the fullest and treat your woman as best you can, than Kuridat might be the one for you.

There are MANY beautiful Nigerian women and I would say that Kudirat holds her own with the best of them. Is she the most beautiful girl in Nigeria? Well, everyone has their own taste, but to me she is definitely in the running.

And you can contact her over at Africa Beauties – just click on her picture and we will take you over there.

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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