Hot Lawyer

Name: Anna
ID#: 130934
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 30

City: Kherson, Ukraine


Occupation: Lawyer
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Not specified
Languages: Ukrainian (excellent), Russian (native)

Archetypes: Fitness Girls

Anna is a Ukrainian lawyer, and she’s hot.

However, before you draw any relation to Ally McBeal, (for the Americans reading this); it might be better to compare her to the blonde bombshell on that show played by Portia di Rossi.

Anna describes herself as a frank woman that likes to try new things.  She is no shrinking violet and she is searching for a man to start a family with.

After reading Anna’s profile I was curious about what it takes to be a lawyer in the Ukraine. I guess it came to mind because she listed high school as her education.

At first I thought it was a mistake, but after further research, I discovered that lawyers in the Ukraine are not required to go to college.

It was actually quite interesting to find out what different country’s requirements are for a lawyer.  You can click here if you’d like to save yourself the trouble of searching.

Besides being a career woman, Anna describes herself as an easy-going, family oriented woman with high morals.

Her description of an ideal man is both simple and full of contradictions. She wants a man that is strong but not aggressive and in charge but not assertive.

She also mentions devoted and mature more than once so I am guessing they are very important.

Although she has been married before, she doesn’t have any children. However, she does mention that she is looking for a man to be a ‘head of our family’.

Do you think you have what it takes to impress this hot lawyer?

A lot of bitter divorced guys think that the beautiful, young brides we highlight here at International Love Scout are only in it for the money.

Yes, for most of these women marrying a Western man is going to improve their standard of living, but that’s not always the case, particularly for some highly educated women from Eastern Europe and Latin America. 

No, these women want more than your money, they want your love and that might be the scariest thing we say on the entire web site for some guys. For the details check out – Do Mail Order Brides Just Want Me For My Money?

Archetypes: Fitness Girls

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