Young Northern Thai Beauty

Name: Pechladda
ID#: 1226490
Agency: AsianDate (Review)
Age: 23
City: Udon Thani, Thailand

Kids: Yes: Daughter-2006

Occupation: Business owner
English Level: Basic
Archetypes: Cute & Sweet,
hot Thai beauty from the north

Not sure if you are aware or not, but Thais themselves often claim the most beautiful women in Thailand come from up north around the Laos border.

That’s where Pechladda hails from; and she’d give good shift to that notion of Northern beauty. This beautiful Thai girl is only 23 and says in her bio that she is a very “happy go lucky lady”.

Young, fresh, and rearing to see the world. All she’s lacking is a good boyfriend to show her what’s out there.

Pechladda is looking for a nice, funny, happy man.

The good news is that most Thai girls don’t discriminate against age. She’s willing to consider any man between 20 and 70, so that should include just about all of you guys.

If you hit it off with Pechladda and decide to zip on over to Thailand to visit her, you might want to plan on taking her somewhere other than her home town. There really isn’t much to see in Udon Thani except a couple Buddhist temples; well, those and a whole bunch of other hot Thai girls.

If I were you I would take Pechladda to Chang Mai which admittedly, has gotten a bit over run with tourists in th last 5 years, but it still boasts some of the best outdoor activities in all of Thailand, as well as a thriving nightlife.  And it’s not too far away from Udon Thani.

And if you fall in love with Thailand (which I almost guarantee you will) and decide to move there, you will be in good company as Chang Mai is the expat retirement capitol of Thailand, and home to over 27,000 Foreigners!

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