Sexy Geek Girl From the Philippines

Name: Reyniefe
ID#: 170416
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 21

City: Cebu City, Philippines


Archetypes: Motivated Brides,

Sometimes you just have to love geeky girls.  They can help you do taxes, figure out your health insurance, and, really, do you want to have dumb kids?

So, I have a soft spot for plain geeky girls, but I really have another feeling for smart, sexy girls.  Oh, yeah!

Reyniefe certainly fits the bill.  She is a sweet young thing who speaks four languages.  Now, you may not know this but the ability to pick up a foreign language is one of the best indications of overall intelligence.

And the way Reyniefe fills out those white daisy dukes does not leave any doubt that this woman is sexy as hell!

Oh, yeah!

And do you think you are too old and too ugly for a hottie like this sweet Filipina?  Well, listen to what she says about what she is looking for.  She writes that, “I don’t care about age or looks as long as he is a sincere gentleman who can promise to take care of my delicate heart.”


So, even if you know that despite what anybody down in Dothan says, no one ever had greater college football teams than Bud Wilkerson’s immortal Sooner teams, and you were too OLD to be drafted in Vietnam this sweet young thing is willing to consider you.

Well, she is over at A Foreign Affair and remember AFA will actually help you meet her.

Good Luck!

sexy Filipina laying on the grass

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