Blonde Kazakh Beauty

Name: Yasmin
ID#: 2147995564
Agency: Elenas Models (Review)
Age: 23

City: Almaty, Kazakhstan


Occupation: Bank Employee
Religion: None
English Level: Basic
Languages: Russian: Fluent

If you’re a man between the ages of 25 to 35 and are looking for a woman that knows how to take care of herself and her man then Yasmin might be the one for you.

Originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan, Yasmin is a beautiful blond with dark hazel brown eyes and a passion for loving others.

If you know how to make your woman feel loved, are loyal, and are willing to be supportive and aren’t afraid to show your feelings then Yasmin might be right up your alley.

She is 23 years old, and has no children, but does want her own family one day soon once she settles down with the right man.

She is a Pisces and of Asian ethnicity, which makes her a very rare gem, and one that has a mixed cultural background so you know she has many unique things to bring to the table.

Yasmin speaks fluent Russian, but is also good at English and would very much enjoy a man that is a native English speaker. She enjoys exploring other cultures and places, going to the beach, and traveling.

Yasmin also likes music, museums, and art, and doesn’t take nutrition and exercising for granted. She especially enjoys meditation and yoga, while tapping into her true self and being mindful of her life, surroundings, and aspirations or future goals.

If you’re a man that also likes to read, go to restaurants and has a good taste for healthy, quality food then it’s definitely worth dropping Yasmin a message.

It’s not easy to come by a reliable, loyal, and trustworthy woman but women from Kazakhstan are known for their nurturing nature, and ability to take good care of their husband.

Not only their husbands, but also their family, and are not only wonderful cooks but also make extraordinary mothers thanks to their Slovak roots, commitment to protecting their loved ones, and ensuring the best possible future for them.

Kazakhstan is a very tiny country, not far from Russia nor from Russian influence by any measure. Although located in Central Asia now has it’s own stable government, economy, and efficiently looks after it’s own.

It’s a wonderful place to visit, is safe, and now you have a beautiful, talented, and insightful young woman that you could pay a visit for.

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