Top 25 Hottest International Fitness Models for 2018

Want to date a fitness model?

If you don’t by the time you have finished this article you will! These women are gorgeous. These women have bodies that look like comic book heroines and for a lot of men that is incredibly attractive.

Who wouldn’t want to date Wonder Woman? Remember the old TV show. Even when Wonder Woman was dressed in her “secret identity” as Yeoman Diana Prince you could see that she was the hottest thing anyone in the Navy ever saw before the hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll.

That is not just for comic books. Fitness girls look great in bikinis and spandex or anything short of a burka.

What is really amazing is that as dating prospects they have even more going for them. Nearly all athletic models are smart and incredibly driven. They have to be, because you don’t get abs like these ladies have without setting that goal and literally working your butt off to get that six-pack.

Before you get too distracted with these sexy supergirls take a look at the sexy fitness models we have here at International Love Scout: Single Fitness Model Gallery.

marry the hottest women in the world

Because you can actually date the fitness girls in our gallery!

For a lot of men nothing better could possibly happen than marrying a fitness model. Why?

Most of them are trainers or have been trainers. So, they know how to inspire people, although really who needs more inspiration than just looking at these incredible women?

Are you one of those guys who is talented has not quite lived up to your potential? Well, dating a fitness model might get you to finally become the top salesman in your company or bring more clients into the firm than any other lawyer. Fitness models are masters at time management, goal setting, and figuring out how to accomplish those goal.

You won’t catch any of these fitness-inspired women lounging around binge watching reality TV shows while gorging on a family-sized bag of Doritos and liters of soda. Looking this good takes dedication, healthy eating and hundreds of hours of training.

These ladies are winners and you can bet that the men who date them will feel like winners too. Can you imagine what it would be like to go back to your high school class reunion with one of these ladies on your arm?

These ladies are practically perfect girlfriend material for guys who are seriously looking for a long term relationship.
Seriously, take a look at this article about what it takes to be a great fitness instructor and you will realize that fitness girls are almost the perfect girlfriends.

And they would be great moms who would make sure your kids did their chores and made great grades. Any man dating a fitness model is a lucky man.

So, let’s take a look at the top 25 fitness models for 2018.

#1 Michelle Lewin

Instagram: Michelle Lewin

This 32 year old fitness model was born in Venezuela, and currently has 13 million followers on her Instagram account. From humble beginnings she has grown to become one of the most easily recognized fitness models in the world, while also creating a number of fitness and weight loss programs for her fans to follow.

Can you believe this stunner is in her 30s? And the crazy thing is that her dedication to fitness and healthy living means she’ll probably look this good in her 40s, and beyond.

She has the killer combination of Latina beauty, but with a superbly toned physique to go with that, accentuating her natural curves.

Michelle Lewin in fitness clothes

Michelle Lewin sexy abs

Michelle Lewin sizzling body

#2 Svetlana Bilyalova

Instagram: Svetlana Bilyalova

Although she’s currently living in the United States, this Russian beauty was born in Moscow in 1992. Since then she’s amassed a following of over 6 million people – especially because of her more risqué videos and photos.

Svetlana works to inspire her fans to follow her example of healthy eating and regular exercise. She does this by sharing her eating habits and her 5-day a week workout schedule with them.

Her dark hair and dark eyes mean she doesn’t look typically Russian, but we think you’ll forgive her for that. In fact, her toned body, pouting lips, voluptuous curves and smoldering eyes could allow you to forgive her for just about anything.

Svetlana Bilyalova nice body

Svetlana Bilyalova in Istanbul

gorgeous Svetlana Bilyalova

#3 Alice Matos (Brazil)

Instagram: Alice Matos

This is a young woman who you literally can’t stop staring at, but not in a seedy way.

All fitness girls are hot to some extent, but there’s just something about Alice that you can’t quite put your finger on. It’s probably the fact she has a girl-next-door type of face, but sitting underneath the innocent pout is a shredded body that you can’t help but admire.

At just 33 years old this diminutive 5’ 2” Brazilian beauty is obviously enjoying her life as a model and fitness star, and her 2 million Instagram followers are eager to find out more about her.

Alice Matos messy hair

Alice Matos packed abs

Alis Matos showing her abs

#4 Lais Deleon

Instagram: Lais de Leon

We have another Brazilian babe in our 2018 fitness model lineup, but not only is Lais a well known fitness model, but she’s also a great role model for young women because she “…teaches women to be more and not less.”

That’s not something you’ll hear any of the Kardashians saying anytime soon, right?

She’s achieved a lot in her 31 years, including living and traveling internationally, becoming a social media star, and helping women all over the world to achieve their fitness goals.

You’re wondering if all Brazilian fitness models have that great booty you see?

Genetics play a part, but doing thousands of squats will get you there too, according to Lais. We 100% agree with her.

Lais de Leon sexy thighs

Lais de Leon summer body

Lais de Leon curvy body

#5 Massy Arias

Instagram: Massy Arias

Although she’s from the Dominican Republic, Massy Arias doesn’t have the typical body type of most DR women – she’s missing the butt and the hips. But, as you can see from her photo, it’s not something you even notice because she’s created an enviable physique, even when compared to other fitness models.

The crazy thing is that Massy actually got into fitness to combat depression, and not only did it literally save her life, but she’s also now a social media and fitness star because of that one decision – to get fit.

She’s now 29 years old, and has almost 3 million followers on Instagram, proving that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

She reminds us of a very young Jada Pinkett. What do you think?

Massy Arias stepping on barbell

Massy Arias tattoed body

Massy Arias yoga on the stairs

#6 Jenelle Salazar

Instagram: Jenelle Salazar

Born in 1982 in New Mexico, Jennelle was overweight when she was younger. It wasn’t that she was fat, but her family had a really unhealthy diet, and it showed.

So she decided she wanted to lose the puppy fat and get fit, and that’s exactly what she did, teaching herself most of what she knows today. She turned that knowledge into a popular YouTube channel, and an even more popular Instagram account.

As you can see from her photo, all that hard work paid off, and she still lives by one simple tip – clean eating is the quickest way to get in shape.

great looking Jenelle Salazar

Jenelle Salazar nice curves

Jenelle Salazar pictorial

#7 Andreia Brazier

Instagram: Andreia Brazier

Andreia might be 34 years old, but she has the body of a twenty something woman. To be honest, there are women in their 20s who don’t look as good as this 5’ 5″ Latina. Originally from Brazil she started out as a fashion model before becoming a fitness model.

She works out 6 days per week, and it show, but we think she’s as beautiful as she is toned. Andreia has 1.4 million Instagram followers, and believes that you can look 70% younger just through healthy eating and regular exercise.

As you can see, Latin women love to work out.

Andreia Brazier body transformation

Andreia Brazier eating fruit by the pool

Andreia Brazier exercising

#8 Anella Miller/Chernova

Instagram: Anella Miller

Now here’s a fitness model that almost looks too good to just spend her time in that role. She’s got amazing looks that would perform as well in the fashion shows of Paris as they do in her career as a fitness model.

Anella hails from Russia, with her typically Russian dark blonde hair and green eyes leaping out at you from every picture she’s featured in. She’s also quite tall at 5′ 9″, but that just adds to her overall beauty.

Oh and there’s brains behind the beauty – she’s very well educated.

Could she be the perfect woman?

She comes pretty damned close.

cute Anella Miller

calm beauty Anella Miller

Anella Miller in her fitness suit

#9 Veronica Bielik

Instagram: Veronica Bielik

Just “Wow!”

This Polish fitness model has a perfect hourglass figure, a smile that would light up any room, and curves that are almost too good to be true.

What’s even more impressive is that she only posted her first picture on Instagram in 2014 – so her rise to fame has been quicker than most 24 year old Polish girls could dream of.

Anella is a perfect example of just how naturally beautiful most Polish women are. If you’re interested in dating a Polish fitness single then you can start your search here.

Okay, they’re not all going to be fitness models, but you can’t beat good genetics, guys. You just can’t.

Veronica Bielik bootylicious in red bikini

Veronica Bielik lovely in black bikini

Veronica Bielik taking selfie

#10 Eva Andressa

Instagram: Eva Andressa

Some people dismiss fitness models, assuming they’re just naturally gifted when it comes to getting in shape. That’s the kind of victimhood thinking that our next shapely Brazilian would have no time for.

At 34 years old Eva has spent 15 years taking the world of fitness modeling by storm, but she started out as a skinny teenager. But since those teenage years she’s packed a lot of muscle onto that tiny 5′ 5″ frame of hers, making the most of her natural curves.

Take another look at her picture, and then remind yourself of her age.

How many women in their 30s do you know who look this good?

Brazilian women just seem to do it better.

Eva Andressa with a sweet smile

Eva Andressa taking abs selfie

Eva Andressa hot pic

#11 Bakhar Nabieva

Instagram: Bakhar Nabieva

You know the way some women hate the idea of lifting weights because they say it’ll make them “fat” or too bulky to be considered attractive. Yeah…they might want to take a look at Ms. Nabieva – an angelic face, a perfect figure, and world-class quads.

Originally from Azerbaijan, she posted her first picture to Instagram in 2015, and how at just 24 years of age she has almost 2 million followers on the platform.

Fun fact: Some completely deranged conspiracy theorists think she’s an alien. Yes, really.

She can abduct me any day of the week.

Bakhar Nabieva sexy thighs

Bakhar Nabieva nice booty

Bakhar Nabieva great body

#12 Anllela Sagra

Instagram: Anllela Sagra

It’s easy to believe that Anllela originally wanted to enjoy a career as a fashion model. What’s harder to believe is that her friends tried to talk her out of staying fit because it might ruin her “model” body – that says a lot about just how unhealthy some fashion models are.

This Colombian beauty is proof of what happens when you take natural beauty and then add in exercise and healthy eating – she’s almost superhuman now. Seriously – how could you not feel just a little bit intimated if you met a woman who looks this good?

She’s also one of the most likeable fitness models out there – she has a great personality too!

Anllela is just 24 years old and already has almost 11 million followers on Instagram.

Anllela Sagra sizzling hot body

Anllela Sagra topless at the pool

stunning Anllela Sagra

#13 Sandra Dominiuk

Instagram: Sandra Dominiuk

At first glance you see a stunning Polish girl sitting beside a beach, enjoying a cool drink. It’s only when you look at her physique that you’ll pick up on the fact that she’s a fitness model, and a serious contender too.

As you’ll see from her pictures on social media, this young woman takes her workouts and her diet very seriously.

Sandra is best known on the European fitness model circuit, but we think you should keep your eyes open for her on the international scene.

Why not take a quick look at some single Polish girls while you’re waiting?

Sandra Dominiuk amazing abs

Sandra Dominiuk at the gym

Sandra Dominiuk lovely body

#14 Dolly Castro

Instagram: Dolly Castro

This sexy fitness model is the first Nicaraguan lady featured in our roundup, and she has more than earned her place here.

Dolly has those smoldering Latina looks that make men just fall apart at the seams, but she has a body to match. Underneath that gorgeous face is a body that’s taken years to perfect. But she never tried to train away her natural booty – something all Latinas are more than proud of.

You won’t be surprised to hear that Dolly has a huge social media following, due in no small part to her lifestyle, her looks and her positive attitude towards life.

Dolly Castro relaxing at the shore

Dolly Castro big booty

Dolly Castro loves fruits

#15 Wioletta Pawluk

Instagram: Wioletta Pawluk

Easter European women have a reputation for natural beauty, and Wioletta has looks to spare. Polish women love to work out, but this glorious example of Eastern European charm has made a living out of it.

Well, she’s carved out a career as a fitness model, but if she ever changed her mind on that she could do fashion modeling with her stunning eyes closed. This is how good Angelina Jolie used to look…before she got crazy thin and covered herself in stupid tattoos.

Wioletta Pawluk sizzling in red bikini

Wioletta Pawluk in Sports Illustrated swimsuit

Wioletta Pawluk workout

#16 Natasha Noel

Instagram: Natasha Noel

Natasha is the first Indian to appear in our roundup, and although she’s not a fitness model in that she doesn’t lift weights and sell workout books, she most definitely deserves her place here.

Hailing from the sprawling city of Mumbai, she’s known for striking a yoga pose pretty much anywhere she can find space. Years of yoga and dance training have given this sultry Indian lady her incredible core strength and flexibility.

You’ve never considered dating an Indian girl before? Now you know why that could be a very smart move for you to make.

fit Natasha Noel

Natasha Noel mirror selfie

Natasha Noel sexy in bikini

#17 Nidhi Mohan Kamal 

Instagram: Nidhi Mohan Kamal

The look of determination on Nidhi’s face tells you everything you need to know about her. This very cute Indian woman isn’t just a fitness model – she owns her own chain of weight loss and nutrition clinics.

Nidhi has an amazing body for a 34 year old woman, and is a real example of what you can achieve in terms of personal development no matter where you live in the world.

A perfectly toned Asian beauty with her own business empire.

We wonder if she’s one of the rare fit singles in the world…

Nidhi Mohan Kamal in the gym

Nidhi Mohan Kamal working out

Nidhi Mohan Kamal yoga

#18 Tina Nguyen

Instagram: Tina Nguyen

Now 26 years old, Tina was born in Vietnam and has worked hard to achieve her status as an IFBB Pro Fitness athlete. In fact, her parents really don’t understand why she’s so passionate about creating the perfect body, but that didn’t stop her.

But one look at her Instagram pictures is enough to give you a real appreciation for what this Asian stunner has achieved in just 23 years of life. In fact, she’s barely finished college.

So, while you might think that Vietnamese women are shy, retiring flowers, Tina shows you exactly what they’re capable of.

Tina Ng hot hot hot!

Tina Ng at the Europa Game Expo

lovely Tina Ng

#19 Tatiana Girardi

Instagram: Tatiana Girardi

Cali, Colombia is known for a lot of things, but Tatiana is one of the best things to come from that part of the world. This incredible looking 5′ 4″ woman is a CrossFit competitor as well as a fitness model.

What will probably blow your mind is that Tatiana is 42 years old. Her 1.4 million Instagram followers don’t have any issue with her age, because she looks fit, toned, healthy and young in each one of her photos.

She looks like a fit and healthy looking Denise Richards. Or at least what Denise used to look like back in the good old days.

strong and feminine Tatiana Girardi

Tatiana Girardi sexy ass

Tatiana Girardi working out

#20 Jun Min Ji

Instagram: Jun Min Ji

You might not recognize the name, but Jun Min is one of the leading lights on the Asian fitness model scene. She’s everything you’d expect a beautiful Korean girl to look like, but with an incredible body attached.

Asian women are traditionally quite petite, and Jun Min has taken every square inch of her tiny frame and toned it to absolute perfection.

Trivia fact: She was very overweight as a child, but that also meant she didn’t get bullied in school.

Now she works out 6 times a week and is building a name for herself as an international fitness model.

Jun Min Ji at a competition

Jun Min Ji barbell workout

sizzling hot Jun Min Ji

#21 Luciana Alegre

Instagram: Luciana Alegre

This stunning Peruvian fitness models seemed to appear out of nowhere, while gathering hundreds of thousands of fans and followers as she went.

Luciana definitely focuses more on the fitness side of modeling, and not just getting ripped. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so just as many guys appreciate a finely toned body as they do firm muscles.

One thing any guys reading this will agree on is that this girl is drop dead gorgeous.

Luciana Alegre modelling outdoors

Luciana Alegre sexy in blue bikini

tattoed Luciana Alegre

#22 Reika Saiki

Instagram: Reika Saiki

And we finally make our way to Japan, a country not very well known for its fitness models, but most definitely known for beautiful, single Japanese women.

At first glance, not only does this tiny Japanese cutie look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but also that she’d barely be able to defend herself.

But picking on her would be the worst decision you could make because she’s actually a professional wrestler, so could suplex you into next week.

Reika is one of the latest wave of Japanese fitness models – she just chose to make her mark with wrestling.

Reika Saiki Japanese muscle idol

cutest Japanese wrestler Reika Saiki

cute Reika Saiki

#23 Zuzka Light

Instagram: Zuzka Light

Zuzka has achieved a lot in her 36 years, building a career in fitness modeling and instruction. Originally from Prague, the Czech Republic she’s now one of the best known fitness models and bloggers on the planet.

As you can see from her photograph Zuzka is still absolutely ripped, and looks half her age.

Rumour has it she might still be single.

blonde Zuzka Light showing abs

Zuzka Light bikini body

Zuzka Light holding her greens

#24 Aylen Alvarez

Instagram: Aylen Alvarez

Every so often you come across a female of the species that makes you want to sit back and thank whatever creator you believe in. Or just thank the Universe instead.

Aylen is 31 years old and was born in Cuba. Her stunning looks and athletic ability has taken her from a humble beginning through a modeling career, almost having a professional wrestling career, to having almost 4 million followers on Instagram, and millions of other fans around the world.

And when you look at this picture…can you blame them?

Aylen Alvarez sizzling in two piece bikini

Aylen Alvarez in hot lingerie

Aylen Alvarez gorgeous girl at the beach

#25 Ekaterina Usmanova

Instagram: Ekaterina Usmanova

Any Russian guys reading this will recognize Ekaterina straight away. For those of you who didn’t know who she was until now – you’re welcome.

Ekaterina is one of the better known fitness models in Russia, but as is the way with the mainstream media, we only get to hear about fitness models from parts of the world that suit them.

Anyway, this incredibly toned, pouty and voluptuous fitness model has almost 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and a very popular YouTube channel. The reason why she has such a loyal following is she helps women from all over the world to get the body they want.

We salute you, Ekaterina!

Ekaterina Usmanova curvy body

Ekaterina Usmanova half naked at the terrace

Ekaterina Usmanova hot in red bikini

So there you have it, our roundup of the top 25 international fitness models for 2018.

Who do you think should be voted #1 ?

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