Julia Meszaros Bio

During her time on tour with AFA, she was able to interview 10 men, women, and employees of the agency in each country she visited.

Based on her interviews, Julia wrote a dissertation that aimed to prove that women participating in the industry are in fact agents with decent lives in their home countries, challenging ideas that present women in this industry as victims of human trafficking. In addition, she discovered that race is still a very important characteristic that determines desirability for both male and female participants in the industry.

Her current research is more focused on how the industry itself challenges our conceptions of dating, romance and love on a global scale. She is currently conducting interviews with more agencies and matchmakers in order to gain a better sense of the larger industry in general, instead of just the AFA tour experience.

You can reach Julia Meszaros at: julia(at)internationallovescout.com

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