Not Your Average Uzbek Mother

Name: Angelina
ID#: 649
Agency: A Pretty Woman (Review)
Age: 31

City: Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Archetypes: Hot Moms

Are you a family guy? I mean, I know with some of you guys, family is the last thing you’re thinking about. Instead, it’s girls, parties, raves, drunken, what’d-I-do-last-night craziness.

No problem, we’ve all been there, and you’ll find no shortage of girls on these sites who share you crazy outlook.

If, on the other hand, you’ve reached that point in your life where a stable, mature, “motherly” woman seems like what you’re looking for, you should check out Angelina.

I’ll be honest; I always look at the photos before I read descriptions. Yeh, I know, I’m shallow, but so what, 98% of the rest of you do the same and the other 2% are liars.

OK, so anyway, I was really taken with that incredible picture of her in a very elegant party dress (Christmas party, wedding, special night?) so when I read her bio I was really surprised to see she’s the mother of a 14 year-old son.

Maybe I’m a bit naive but I think of mothers as being frumpy, uptight, and definitely not as sexy as Angelina. Oh, well, thank God times have changed.

Well, as I read on, I was further surprised to see that not only is she a mom, but she’s also a businesswoman. Don’t know about you, but that seems like the perfect package to me. All she’s missing is ME or YOU.

Not sure exactly what you have to bring to the party, mate, to get her but she says “loving and caring” is a basic requirement. Oh, yeh, and 28-45 is her stated age preference. But, if you’ve got everything else, I bet you could even get around that.

Go see her at A Pretty Woman.

Archetypes: Hot Moms

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