Hot Latvian Student

Name: Angelica
ID#: 333
Agency: A Pretty Woman (Review)
Age: 23

City: Daugavpils, Latvia


Archetypes: Fitness Girls

I have a few simple rules and one of them is that belly dancing is always good.   It’s more or less just that simple and Angelica here is a 21-year old belly dancer from Latvia. I’m not sure that belly dancing is indigenous to Latvia, it seems a little cold for that.

In fact, I think belly dancing maybe some sort of exercise craze across the nations of the Former Soviet Union.  I know that a lot of Russian, Ukrainian, and other Eastern European girls mention belly dancing, and, frankly, I almost never run across belly dancers in Cleveland, although I here there are some nice ones in Pittsburgh.  They’re probably Steeler fans though, and the last thing any self-respecting Browns fan needs are belly dancing Steeler fans. NO!

So, mark belly dancing as reason #387 that you need to visit Eastern Europe.

Angelica is a student who enjoys books and music.  She seems like a nice girl. Her profile along with lots of other hot girls is over at A Pretty Woman. Check her out!

Archetypes: Fitness Girls

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