Beauty You Can Bank On

Name: Laritza
ID#: 123289424
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 25

City: Havana, Cuba


Do you fancy walking into a bank in Havana and coming face to face with Iaritza who is going to help you with your transaction? It looks like Cuba doesn’t mind having distracting beauties behind the counter in places where romance is far removed.

This honey is the kind of bank employee that would make you visit the local money house just to get a glimpse of her!

Educated, romantic and passionate are at least three traits a guy would love to have in his woman, and Iaritza has them all. She has a good heart, a bit unusual for bankers, right?

She says she’s caring, loving and sincere and her bosses would be happy to know that she is also honest. A good thing to have for a bank employee.

One of her hobbies is to stay at home with her nephew and to go to a theatre and watch a good movie. There’s a dating hint for you!

This Cuban beauty likes to keep fit by walking, and if that walk takes her past a coffee shop that serves an excellent cappuccino, then she’s just as likely to stop and drink.

If visiting Cuba is on your bucket list, and meeting some of the women of that country for a date and getting to know them for a possible long term future liaison is your plan, you could do a lot worse than Iaritza, who is looking for the same thing in the way of a relationship.

She wants a nice man, physically and mentally sound, and for you to be loving, sincere and a bit of a romantic. You have the opportunity to make contact with her via email, mail, video or even a phone call. There is simply no excuse not to call her if you are interested.

Iaritza loves soccer, roses, and salsa music. Take her out to a nice restaurant that serves her favourite Cuban food and you have the makings of a great date.

If you’re a beach lover, then you will know that the whole country of Cuba is basically a beach! The Caribbean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, you can choose any beach, any time, any day, any direction.

If you’re a little homesick, Cuba is just a short missile flight from Florida. Discover the delights of this newly opened country and do it in the company of a local.

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