Russian women at the winter Olympics

Russian Women Discover Foreign Men at The Winter Olympics

I really hate to say “I Told Ya So” But….

Check out this excerpt from a story on Yahoo Sports about how Russian women attending the Sochi Winter Olympics are discovering the joys of flirting with Foreign Men.

SOCHI, Russia – There is a new sport sweeping these Winter Olympics, and the Russians aren’t faring too well at it. Well, Russian men at least. Russian women are doing just fine.

In between watching Evgeni Plushenko get injured and Russia get Oshie’d and ice dancers twizzle about, Russian women are partaking in an age-old custom: flirting. And according to local women, after looking at what the international scene has to offer, they’re saying Russian men don’t deserve gold, silver or bronze.

It was Anna who first told me this. An Olympic volunteer, she wore the kind of boredom that can only rest on the face of someone who spends eight hours a day scanning barcodes of journalists’ accreditation passes and not getting paid a dime for it.

After a few minutes of idle chatter, I asked her what her favorite memory of the Olympics would be. “The people I met,” she said thoughtfully, starting a narrative that began like it came from the “Politically Correct Things That Volunteers Should Say to Nosy Journalists” handbook. But then she flipped the script.

“Actually, the men I met,” she added in near-perfect English. “I know what I want now. I want to marry a foreign man.”

I have talked alot in the past about why women from Eastern Europe want to date foreign men, but I think alot of you guys just thought it was propoganda – well, now you have it straight from one of the most trusted news sources in the Universe, Yahoo Sports!

If you want to read it over at Yahoo – here’s that link – Playing the field: Russian women leaving Russian men on the sidelines in Sochi

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