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It is always difficult to date when you start off with an absolute deal killer.  For some people that might be not dating a girl who has not graduated college, other guys might only want to date blondes, and some men only want to date chicks with cats, yeah, those guys exist. 

For many Muslim men they absolutely have to date Muslim women.  That is their deal killer and it often creates a ton of problems, particularly if they live in the United States or Canada where there simply are not as many Muslim women. 

Usually, at that point they start looking at online dating sites, but in the United State that is still not exactly the happy hunting ground. 

International dating offers a different opportunity, because it opens up the world.  It allows them to get beyond the women they might meet through family or friends.  It allows them to meet the kind of woman they are really interested in meeting. 

We have three different sites that are mostly intended for Muslim daters.  Muslima is a huge site with a gigantic reach into Muslim communities around the world. 

marry the hottest women in the world

It is probably the strictest large Muslim dating site you are going to find and it is a good place to visit if you are a strict or fairly strict in your religious practices.  Here is our what our writer thought about the site: Muslima Review.

Arab Lounge takes a different approach.  It focuses on Arabs as an ethnic group.  Yes, most Arabs are Muslim, but there are also millions of Arab Christians and other religions.  It is much more modern and relaxed.  Here is our writer’s thoughts on the website: Arab Lounge Review.

The final Muslim oriented site with cover is ArabianDate it is part of the Anastasiadate family of sites.  They are different from Muslima or Arab Lounge because it is focused on men trying to meet gorgeous women. 

It is not as serious but the women are absolutely amazing.  We don’t have a review of ArabianDate.  You might want to read our Anastasiadate Review, the strengths and weaknesses are similar or you might just want to scroll down the page and read our profiles on a few of the amazing women on ArabianDate.

Muslim Dating Profiles

Hot Arab Doctor

  • Name: Soukaina
  • ID#: 429875831
  • Agency: ArabianDate (Review)
  • Age: 27
  • City: Boudnib, Morocco
  • Kids: No
  • Occupation: Doctor Cosmetologist
  • English Level: Not specified
  • Languages: English
  • Archetypes: Motivated BridesFitness Girls

If you are looking for a real woman with all those qualities, as follows: sociability, sincerity, creativity, reliability, and an optimistic way of thinking – is me! I am sensual, and fun to be with, charming, kind and sincere person. I am very romantic, sensitive, loving and affectionate.

I have a good sense of humor and about the right man for me and will be a loving and caring wife who will be happy to return to every day. I would surprise me with a man with a romantic night or delicious dishes at home. 

I always trust my intuition, heart and little experience when choosing a man. The things that my eyes see makes the picture complete. I would like to find a strong, generous, thoughtful, communicative man, who knows how to love and is not able to betray. He should know how to see the joy and appreciate even the smallest things in life.

Young and Passionate Moroccan Girl

  • Name: Maha
  • ID#: 213332025741
  • Agency: ArabianDate (Review)
  • Age: 21
  • City: Tetouan, Morocco
  • Kids: No
  • Occupation: College
  • Religion: Other
  • English Level: Not specified
  • Languages: Arabic, English
  • Archetypes: Cute & Sweet
passionate young Moroccan looking for partner

Hey, I’m a passionate girl, ready to practice and broaden my knowledge. I have a great sense of humor and I like to have funny moments with my partner (who I’m still searching.. :D)and share all I have with him.

I can t deny, I m a shy person.. spoiled sometimes, but I’m open-minded to try anything that can give me pleasure … as well I’m a loyal and honest person open-hearted I love sports and swimming and always ready for new adventures ♥️

I’m Looking for a man, 18 years and older. Age for me is just a number, I’m hoping that I can here find my perfect match so we can build a relationship together I want him to be loving and carrying and active person like me and that we can meet soon as possible after we get to know each other hopefully he love to travel

Open-minded Moroccan Lady

  • Name: Rim
  • ID#: 429606131
  • Agency: ArabianDate (Review)
  • Age: 32
  • City: Tangier, Morocco
  • Kids: No
  • Occupation: Accountant
  • English Level: Not specified
  • Languages: Not listed
  • Archetypes: Motivated Brides
serious accountant from Morocco

I am a very understanding, open-minded girl with a tolerant heart. My friends say that I have a good sense of humor. I like to communicate with people from different cultures and learn something new.

I’m Looking for a man, 18 years and older. True man, in my mind, is the one who can handle anything. He is honest, trusty, purposeful, fair and adores children. The one who can realize my biggest dream – to have a happy family and live in harmony. A real man knows how to listen, hear and understand me. He is short in words and limitless in deeds …Being a real man means that I would not like to love anyone except him.

Sultry Moroccan Bookworm

hot matured Moroccan woman in red dress

Hi I am a girl who like reading books and travelling also I work as a stylist and I am living stable life.

In my free time I love swimming and cooking Rock is my prefer music and pizza is my loving food I like living amusing life

A True Moroccan Beauty

  • Name: Caroline
  • ID#: 429760731
  • Agency: ArabianDate (Review)
  • Age: 31
  • City: Casablanca, Morocco
  • Kids: No
  • Occupation: Accountant
  • English Level: Not specified
  • Languages: English
  • Archetypes: Muslim BridesMotivated Brides
seductive Morroccan babe in a colorful polka dot bikini


Caroline is a gorgeous Moroccan beauty.

She is 5’6 and built like a sexy sand dune with mouthwatering curves and slopes that make you stumble.

This woman is hot!

Look at those eyes!

Caroline also seems like a compassionate intelligent young lady.

She certainly is a bit of a poet – a beautiful poet.

She writes that,

I think that a perfect life means living in harmony and mutual understanding, when you take care about each other and everything is balanced.

This might be the perfect young woman for a mature man who has been around the block a couple of times, because balance and harmony are always much more important to older men than to young guys who are still obsessed with fast cars, hardbodies, and good whiskey.


One day I might grow up, but despite that I still know Caroline is an incredible catch.

This woman is special and I believe she would be a lot of fun too.

Caroline explains that,

When I’m with someone special, I like being spontaneous, adventurous, romantic, surprising them with little gestures. I am full of optimism, desire and energy, I need my man to whom I may give a lot, all myself and my life!

Could you be that man or is this woman just too hot for you?

Caroline would try to help you with that problem, because she says,

I am very kind, responsive, and cheerful. Imagine the warm sun light that is jumping on the wall and you are trying to catch it – this light is me.

I am sure that I can be perfect girlfriend for man who will really love me, not use for as thing!

This is an incredible lady.  She is on Arabiandate.  You might could catch her in chat in the next five minutes.

Caroline wants to hear from you.  She begs cool guys, Don’t lose opportunity to get acquainted with me!

Hey, if she was standing in front of you right now what would you say?

Then get a move on!

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