Bachelors Abroad: Episode 1

Bachelors Abroad – Episode 1: Joe, Bill and Bob Go To The Ukraine

Air Date: January 13, 2012


Episode One of Bachelors Abroad introduced the concept of international dating and romance tours.  It introduced John Adams the owner of A Foreign Affair, and followed three American bachelors, Joe, Bill, and Bob, on a ten day romance tour of the Ukraine. The show began with a long introduction of international dating and romance tours.

It discussed the old mail order bride myth that is so popular among feminist studies professors and their allies in the mainstream media.  It was subtle, but it really made the point by mentioning that John Adams is married to a Russian woman that he met in St. Petersburg while leading a tour.

Tatyana Adams, John’s wife, is obviously a big part of the show and the company and she clearly didn’t care for the mail order bride myths.  She said, “Who is not looking for a better life….”  And explained that John certainly didn’t pick her out and order her and if anything it was the other way around. John talked a little bit about the company, A Foreign Affair, and explained that they had a web site and were based in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Bachelors

Then the show zoomed in on three bachelors, who were really the main characters for the episode Joe, Bob, and Bill.  They were three very different men from different parts of the United States, but they were all looking for the same thing – love. Joe was a fifty-one year old divorced cop from Phoenix who really seemed to want to get married.  He had a mature, but fun persona and seemed to be absolutely earnest in his desire to find a wife – particularly one close to forty.

He had four daughters who looked like they were between maybe fourteen and twenty-three and he talked to them before he left for the tour. Joe’s daughter’s only had one rule: “Don’t come back with anyone close to our age!”  (Maybe Joe’s daughters need to read our article – Live Longer – Marry a Younger Woman) Joe understood and promised them he wouldn’t do that.

the bachelors

He seemed like a great dad and kept saying that he had been married twenty-four years and really enjoyed being part of that sort of close relationship. Bob was sixty-one year old high energy former college professor from Pennsylvania.  He seemed very intelligent. He was the only one of the bachelors to make a serious attempt to learn Russian and he also tried to talk with the other guys and be really supportive.

The final bachelor the show focused on was Bill a sixty-six year old twice divorced man with a pure white beard.  Bill was chubby and about 5’4 and his whole look was sort of like a miniature Santa Clause.  But Bill was still trying to get over his second wife, a Russian woman he had met on a romance tour some ten years earlier.

The Tour

Then the show got into the tour.  It explained that guys who sign up for a romance tour with AFA get a free subscription to the web site too and showed the guys going through the orientation. One of the big things John pointed out here was this was not going to be like anything they had experienced in the United States, because there were going to be twenty-two men and two hundred and fifty women at the socials on the trip and “…these women actually want to talk to you.”

In a few words this really summed up the attraction of flying to the Ukraine for the American, but it was also clear that John Adams knew this was going to be difficult for a lot of the American men to understand.

They have always felt nervous about approaching women and in their heart of hearts always believed that the women really didn’t want to talk to them, but clearly with twenty-two men and over two-hundred and fifty women this was going to be different – very different. So, then the show follows the guys through their flight to Ukraine and introduces the Ukrainian mail order brides.

Ukrainian Mail Order Brides

Then we are introduced to the Ukraine through the voices of the Ukrainian women who explains many of the problems in much the same way that we did in our article Why Do Women From Eastern Europe Want to Marry Foreign Men? The women explained that life is hard in the Ukraine and Ukrainian men drink heavily, die young, and often beat their wives and girlfriends. There were lots of great shots of the Ukrainian countryside.

Romance Tour Socials

Then the show moved on and showed a social in the large Ukrainian city of Kharkov.  It showed hundreds of young women signing up for the event and then followed Joe, Bob, and Bill around the event. Joe seemed to be just looking for pure love.  He was relaxed, but even a positive reaction from the women never seemed positive enough. Bob laughed and danced and flirted with all of the women, but somehow didn’t quite seem to get there. Bill was a real mess, because it became apparent that he is still in love with his last Russian wife.

There were two large socials – one in Kharkov and the other in Poltava.  Both of them looked interesting, but the one in Poltava was especially compelling. There were more women at the one in Poltava and they seemed more interested in the guys, perhaps because Poltava is a smaller city.

In Poltava the guys took several individual dates, either with women they met through the web site or with women they met at the social.  The individual dates seemed a lot more nerve racking and prone to disaster than the socials, because it was one on one. Well, actually the individual dates were two on one, because all of the guys needed a translator to make the date work.

Bob on a date with translator

Going Home

None of the three bachelors that Episode One focused on ended up finding the love of their life, but they all seemed to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Like all National Geographic Channel shows Bachelors Abroad was beautifully shot and well edited.  It provided a fly on the wall perspective on a tour and it should be required viewing for any guy considering getting involved in international dating.

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