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Darling Dominican

Name: Deliany
Age: 25
City: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Agency: Amolatina (Read Our Review)
ID#: 115863924

Deliany is a friendly Dominican who likes to read and dance. When you check out her profile, you get the feeling that she is just a sweetheart. She even admits to being too sincere at times and wishing she could be a kid again. I guess there could be worst things.

This Latin sweety is a Catholic from the capital city of Santo Domingo. She likes to eat spaghetti and wants to visit France. I personally find that surprising since the Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise of wonderful food and beautiful surroundings, but, to each their own.

Deliany is one of many beautiful women you can find in the Domincan Republic, some of which are featured on our site. How do these women compare to others in their region? First of all, this half island (it shares Hispaniola with Haiti) is one of the most developed countries in the Caribbean. It is urban, has a mixed race population, and is not a stranger to American and European cultures. 

As a matter of fact, the Dominican Republic has a culture very similar to Western societies.

There is one major difference between a Dominican woman and a Western woman. Be careful not to categorize these ladies in simple shades of black and white. Dominicanas come in tasty shades such as cinnamon, olive and wheat. (As if their bodies weren't mouthwatering enough!) Our darling Deliany is what they'd call a cinnamon sprinkled morena with extra sweetness on top.

Is your mouth watering now? Read more about how Dominican brides such as Deliany are the best of both worlds and don't forget to check Deliany out at Amolatina

Profile Updated: 02/08/2017
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