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Sexy Costa Rican Single

Name: Karol
Age: 27
City: San Jose, Costa Rica
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Read Our Review)
ID#: 121516

Karol is a very sexy 27 year old Costa Rican Single looking for love and marriage.

When asked, the first thing that this Costa Rican beauty said was most important to her was her family values.

She wants to be with someone that she can grow old with and start a family.

So if you are one of the many players out there that is just looking to get with her to add another notch to your belt if might be best if you try and find somebody else.

Karol is also a very fun woman who is up for anything that might be considered exciting.

If you are the type that doesn’t mind waking up one morning to the sound of her asking if you would want to go bungee jumping than she might be the girl for you.

If you do happen to get hurt on one of your extreme sporting adventures she will also gladly nurse you back to health as she is a Physiotherapist.

That means that if you end up pulling something or even breaking it, she will get you back up and in proper working order in no time.

One thing that you might want to learn how to do if you want to get with this girl is surfing.

It is one of her passions and she wouldn’t mind teaching you if you are too proud to say that you don’t know how.

Karol is also a nature lover and enjoy long walks and hikes through hilly areas, so be sure to put your hiking boots on if you plan on saying hello to Karol.

Profile Updated: 10/04/2017