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Extroverted Columbian Girl

Name: Yury
Age: 29
City: Medellí­n, Colombia
Agency: Amolatina (Read Our Review)
ID#: 116240224

Man, would you just look at that smile. That's the kind of smile that could make every day a parade!

Yury is a beautiful, mature woman from Medellin, Columbia. She has an 8 year old daughter who is probably just a bundle of joy.

Yury is a bit older than some of the women we feature in our galleries (she's 29) but if you are an older gentleman, and are serious about finding a foreign bride, that's probably just about the perfect age. 

Some of these 22 year old Colombian model types are nice to look at, and pretty much every guy's fantasy, but let's be honest... What do you really have in common with a 22 year old? Unless you enjoy having a 3 hour conversation about Rhiana's new tattoo, you really might want to consider going for a more mature woman. 

And as mature women go, it doesn't get any better than Yury. If you act fast you might be able to start something up with her before her next birthday. Spend a girl's 30'th birthday with her and she is bonded to you for life!

In case you are still stuck on those 22 year olds, here's another picture of Yury in a swimsuit. 


Yeah... I know!

And by the way, you may be wondering why I titled her profile "Extroverted Columbian Girl" well, aside from her smile, which could light up a small city, Yury used the word "outgoing" 2 times in her profile:

I am a happy person, outgoing, intelligent who likes to fight to achieve my goals.


I want to be with a clean man and very outgoing person.

So, if you are clean and outgoing, and you don't really care about Rhiana's new tattoo... Please guys, do yourself a favor and check out Yury's profile over at Amolatina.


Profile Updated: 09/09/2017