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Hot Young Brazilian Babe

Name: Gabriela
Age: 19
City: Mariana, Brazil
Agency: Amolatina (Read Our Review)
ID#: 122098524

Meet Gabriela, a 19 year old secretary from the world carnival capital – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Ok, I get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but seriously!  A quick glance through her photos leaves you in no doubt that this is one seriously beautiful woman.  Heck, her friends even call her Brisa de sol – which best I can figure means breeze of the sun. 

No kidding!

Gabriela has a university qualification, has never been married and has no children as yet.  She is hoping to meet her special man to love and be loved by for the rest of her life.

As you’ve no doubt gathered for yourself, Gabriela loves to take care of her health and fitness, spending much of her spare time in the gym and maintaining a healthy diet with plenty of greens and fresh produce. So, if you’re a drive-thru kinda guy, you may have a hard time convincing this one that you’re the one for her. 

As she lists music and dancing as other ways she likes to pass the time, perhaps you’ll find your dancefloor moves might prove your saving grace. 

Naturally, Gabriela is a non-smoker, but she does drink socially.  She sure looks and sounds like someone to have a good time with.

If you really want to have fun with her, Gabriela, like most of the Brazilian population, is absolutely obsessed with soccer (football for you purists). 

It seems wherever you go in Brazil, you’re bound to come across people – young and old – playing the beautiful game. 

If you want to impress this Brazilian beauty with your encyclopaedic knowledge of her favorite game, here are a couple of links to help with your education…

This link scratches the surface of just how big soccer is in the country: and this one celebrates some of the best players the country has produced: 

Profile Updated: 02/08/2017