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Ukraine Date

Name: Irina
Age: 33
City: Poltava, Ukraine
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Read Our Review)
ID#: 157798

OK, we have a lot of stunning MILFs here on International Love Scout, but Irina….


She carries the flag for single moms everywhere.  This woman is super-hot.  She is a 5’5 and thirty-three year old model but she doesn't look a day over 25!  She has a lot of other great photos over at A Foreign Affair and she is the mom of a three year old boy.

Now, I know the last clause is the sort of info that makes a lot of guy look at their watch and remember they have to meet their boss down the street at a different bar.  I’ll admit it has even happened to me. 

Yep, I met a very hot Pilates instructor a few weeks ago.  She was smart, sweet, and right in my wheelhouse, but when she said she had two boys – eleven and fifteen – I was looking for an exit. 

But the fact that Irina has a small child can be a very good thing for you.  The fact that she has a small child means that this lady is serious, super serious, about finding a man and being in a good, stable relationship. 

Also, her child is small and it means if you have kids she would probably make awesome stepmom material and if you want children she would probably be happy to do that too. 

Irina is beautiful, sweet, and she is looking for a kind, reliable, determined, responsible man with a sense of humor.

And if you treat her right I bet she’ll treat you right too. 

Profile Updated: 10/04/2016