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Single Ukrainian Woman posing in a yellow dress
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Sexy In Silk

Name: Julia
Age: 24
City: Kiev, Ukraine
Agency: A Pretty Woman (Read Our Review)
ID#: S877

Julia is a very sexy Ukrainian woman from Kiev, and she sure looks good in that silk dress. Man!

She has a beautiful body, and she works hard to keep it that way.

It should come as no surprise that Julia likes to workout at the gym. She doesn't explain specifically what she does there, so you are forced to imagine her on a treadmill, or exercising her legs on one of those squegie things, or even swimming a few laps.

Gyms have become quite popular in her city of Kiev. According to the Ukraine visitors blog gyms in the Ukraine can be split up into three categories:

  1. Inexpensive, Soviet-era "proletariat" gyms with old equipment, and semi-commercial gyms at local schools. A single visit may cost up to $2, and monthly passes may or may not exist. (I picture tobacco stained exercise balls and those wooden peg-boards we had back in high-school)
  2. Middle-to-upper-class gyms with prices from $30 to $80/mo. These have Good, modern equipment, proper ventilation, music, lockers, hot shower, etc. (Probably along the lines of the YMCA)
  3. Western style fitness clubs with high prices and a wide variety of fitness and wellness activities like Yoga, pilates, kickboxing etc. (I can only imagine what these places must be like at around 7pm on a weekday, there are so many hot Ukraine girls in Kiev that if I worked out at one of these places I would probably never get anything done)

I wonder which type of gyms Julia uses. She definitely seems like a high priced fitness club member to me.

Julia's interests include eastern culture, traveling and animals. She doesn't smoke, and she is fluent in English. She doesn't have a lot to say on her pretty woman dating profile, but the look in her eyes on some of her pictures says this girl is strong and serious.

She does say that she is "jolly" which is funny to me, because when I think of Jolly I think of Santa Clause and this young lady and Old Saint Nicholas don't have anything in common. Well, except that it gets mighty cold where they both live.

Julia is looking for a man that is also serious, yet honest and gentle. If you think you are a match for this sexy gym hottie, she can be contacted through A Pretty Woman.