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Ukrainian nature beauty
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Ripe Ukrainian Beauty

Name: Natalia
Age: 22
City: Odessa, Ukraine
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Read Our Review)
ID#: 153364

Goddam. How is it that hot Ukrainian women need to go online to find love? If she lived anywhere in America, the only problem she would have would be having too many guys hitting on her everywhere she went.

Usually I make you guys hop on over to the host dating site to see more pictures of the girls - but, well, this girl is just too damn hot and you need to see more of her like... RIGHT NOW!

Classic Ukraine Beauty

If you are still reading; this angelic faced beauty is Natalia. She's from Odessa in the Ukraine and she looks exactly like a movie star!

Maybe not a modern movie star, more like something you would have seen on the big screen back in the 50's or 60's.

But really this girl would be a star in any decade!

An interesting fact about Odessa is that the ratio of ladies to men is 8:1. That means that for every man there are 8 single women. Wow! I like those odds.

I know what you're thinking. How did that happen, right? Well, you'll have to Google that one on your own. But more importantly, what are we still doing here? Let's go!

Not to taunt you or anything, but most women in Odessa or anywhere in the Ukraine look somewhat similar to Natalia. They are just absolutely stunning! And here's a short video to prove it:

In her dating profile Natalia wrote I am a real and mature lady. I am kind, caring and I know how to treat a man. I can make our atmosphere comfortable and I can be adventurous and extraordinary. I am an extremely cheerful lady.

She also goes on to say I look for a kind and a cheerful man to share love and passion. I need not an ideal man, just a man with who I will be happy. I would like to meet a man with who everyday will be shining and with whom I will feel comfortable and happy.

It sounds like something you would read in a romance novel - totally sensual and passionate. So if you like Natalia, you can read more about her over at A Foreign Affair.


Profile Updated: 04/02/2016
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