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Sexy Russian dancer with great legs
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Sexy Dancer

Name: Polina
Age: 27
City: Omsk, Russia
Agency: A Pretty Woman (Read Our Review)
ID#: A264

Polina is a dancer a 27 year old dancer from a city on the very edge of European Russia. She's looking for a foreign husband. 

The first impression I had of Polina was a girl who likes to have fun. As I imagined meeting her, I see her as that girl at a club that playfully comes up to you and says "hi." You know, the one who is just looking for a good dancing partner, a good time, and maybe a few drinks?

Perhaps if I was in Russia I'd run into Polina, especially since she lists going to nightclubs as one of her interests on her Pretty Woman profile.

Then again, I haven't actually been to a nightclub in at least a decade. I'm a little older now and much prefer meeting girls like Polina on international dating sites.

Polina is a blonde hair green eyed dancer from Omsk, Russia that likes to discover new things and places. She describes herself as responsible, gentle, cheerful, and optimistic. In addition to nightclubs, she also likes to go to the movies and hang out with friends.

This Sexy Russian dancer is looking for a man who is 28 to 40 years old. She has a University degree and can speak some English. Besides being smart, she can also dance while wearing very high platform shoes. That's a talent that takes many years to perfect.

Polina has an inviting smile, a sexy toned body, and she loves to dance. Siberia may be cold, but Polina is definitely hot so check out her dating profile over at A Pretty Woman, a great Russian dating site.

Well, this is odd. Polina had her profile up at A Pretty Woman for almost 2 years, then a couple months ago she took it down. But now, thankfully, it's back up again. I wonder what they means. Maybe she found a guy, but it didn't work out and she's back on the market. So, if you're interested you better act now before she gets snapped up again.
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