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Belarus blonde wearing a shiny black dress
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Beautiful Blonde

Name: Julia
Age: 27
City: Minsk, Belarus
Agency: A Pretty Woman (Read Our Review)
ID#: 459A

So, guys this is Julia.  She's from Belarus.

She's another example of the sort of stunners that you have a shot at in Eastern Europe.  Damn! Damn! Damn, but she's hot, a regular Belorussian babe!

She says she's looking for a guy who is, "Honest, caring, open, loyal, working, financial compatible, share feelings, fun, family man, likes children in their life, enjoys friends and family, who is social and loves me for me, and more than anything genuinely wants to have a great life with me."

Wow, that's a mouthful, but, really dude, none of that's rocket science, and if you were doing all of that for Julia you would probably be more happy too. Well, except maybe during football season, but she might learn to love USC or the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Well, her profile is brought to you by the very professional people over at A Pretty Woman.  Check her out!

Profile Updated: 09/17/2015