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Name: Joan Bagano
Age: 35
City: Cebu City, Philippines
Agency: AsianDate (Read Our Review)
ID#: 1293927

Joan is beautiful, sexy Filipina.  She is not a baby.  She is 35 and there is a lot to be said for older women. At thirty-five she knows how to take care of her man and she knows what she wants in life. 

And she seems very happy. Look at her beautiful smile! 

Man, when it gets right down to it I’m not sure anything is more important to the long term success of a relationship than a woman’s basic outlook on life. 

If she is positive, patient, and persistently loyal.  If she is then you just have to treat her good.  She’ll forgive you for little your screw-ups and not drive you nuts.

And of course, Filipina’s have a great reputation for being positive, patient, and loyal.  They know how to treat their man.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you don’t treat your woman like a princess.  You should, but I am saying that if you can manage to be reasonably positive, generally patient, and give her the attention she deserves it will all work out OK. 

She says that, l love to meet sincere and loving man, and surely you can manage that. 

Joan is a salesperson, which makes sense with that beautiful smile and generous attitude.  She lives in Cebu, which is not particularly difficult to visit.  So, if you are looking for a generous, kind, woman check her out.  If you treat her right you will probably be a very happy man. 

Her profile is over at AsianDate.  They have an amazing chat system, so you can probably catch her online.

Profile Updated: 07/23/2016