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Passionate Filipina girl from Cebu
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Simple and Sexy

Name: Rose Bandag
Age: 30
City: Cebu City, Philippines
Agency: AsianDate (Read Our Review)
ID#: 1280058

Rose's profile is simple. She describes herself as sweet, caring and loving. She is looking for a man that is devoted, and she wants a man that will love her until the end of time.

It is pretty standard stuff, but, before you scroll pass this sexy young Filipina, consider all of the things she isn't saying.

Filipina brides are an excellent choice for an international marriage for many reasons, and Rose is no exception. Like many Pinoy women, Rose is a college educated Catholic, who is looking for a man that will be loyal to her.

Culturally, Filipina women are not looking to be the sexy thing on your arm (even though she could definitely qualify); they are looking to be a happy housewife.

Rose fits perfectly into the Filipina bride equation.

She writes that...

I hope to meet a loyal and passinoate man here,are you that one

Rose is looking for a dedicated relationship that will lead to marriage. If that is not your goal, connecting with this sexy Pinoy may not be as easy as expected.

Even though Filipina society is male dominated, and the women have a history of being submissive, it doesn't keep young Pinoy women from aggressively searching for their perfect husband.

For Rose, if you are not loyal and passionate it's a good chance things won't progress with this beautiful Filipina.

So if you are looking for that traditional housewife, and are attracted to the sexiness in Rose's smile, check out our article on Filipina brides then contact her today!

Profile Updated: 06/16/2016