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Cute darling from Davao, Philippines
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Davao City Sweetie

Name: Mary Jill
Age: 20
City: Davao City, Philippines
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Read Our Review)
ID#: 141487

Mary Jill went up the hill to fetch a glass of beer,

But right at the top, saw man who said Stop! and told her I love you my dear!

I’ll always stay true, to a beauty like you, come here and give me a kiss.

Fly back with me, to my own country, and there you’ll live better than this.

Oh, my sweet man, do you think that I can, be with you from this day forever?

Stay close by me, leave behind family, is there another way? Can you be clever?

My love Mary Jill, will be forever until, the rivers all have run dry.

Just you and me, plus your family, my darling I love you, don’t cry.

I’ll live here with you, together, it’s true, a life filled with love and with joy.

You are my life, please be my wife, we’ll have kids, a girl and a boy!

Such happiness from, click love me dot com, you’ll find the woman for you.

Just look at this girl, a delicious pearl, who can make all your dreams come true!

Such a happy ending to Mary Jill’s desire to find her man which should be easy seeing how beautiful, sexy and hot she is.

If you have any reluctance about traveling to the Philippines it’s understandable when you read some of the crazy stuff happening there at times but Mary Jill lives in Davao, certified as the safest city in that country due to a mayor that hustled drug dealers and criminals out of there and if they didn’t leave he shot them!

A few more like that guy and every city would be safe.

Mary Jill is waiting for you, just click on her picture and get chatting. Such a vivacious and lovely young lady, only 20 years old and a body to die for.

There are so many things to do in Davao but here’s a hint. If you want to win Mary Jill’s heart, I suggest a short ferry ride across to Samal Island and book a romantic beachside hut. Winner!

Profile Updated: 10/06/2015