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Simple Chinese bride with killer looks
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Traditional Chinese Beauty Seeking Mate

Name: Mengyuan
Age: 22
City: Shanghai, China
Agency: AsianDate (Read Our Review)
ID#: 1224029

This petite Chinese beauty loves to play table tennis, watch football, romantic movies, enjoys cooking and wants to be a boss. Yes a boss.

She can be my boss any day. Tell me what to do. Tell me what not to do. In fact the word ‘slave’ comes to mind and is there anybody out there that wouldn’t like to be her slave?

Here’s something unusual about Mengyuan – she had her first kiss at age 17 so one can assume some young lad in the last days of high school, testosterone fuelled, stole a kiss. Believe me, in China, teen kissing is not common.

At age 22 Mengyuan is already an expert in finance but that could mean she can see a good bargain in a market, can pick a fake Gucci or Prada handbag or she knows how to save her hard-earned long enough to buy the latest Apple smart phone.

All of which are important for these beautiful girls. If you are beautiful make sure your accessories are up to your standard, okay?

Mengyuan lives in Shanghai, the most cosmopolitan city in all of China, where apart from all the gorgeous Chinese girls wandering around, a western guy is surrounded by bars that serve cheap drinks and all the western style food restaurants you could ever want.

It’s like you’ve left home but you really haven’t! How someone so beautiful can avoid all those lecherous young Chinese guys and the few thousand foreigners there as well, is beyond me!

She is obviously looking for that someone special. If you think you are in the right category and a hot Chinese beauty is what you are looking for then you need to connect with Mengyuan pronto.

Just a quick click on her picture and you can start a real romance. She obviously wants you and not a local. So what are you waiting for?

Profile Updated: 01/19/2016
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