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Cheerful model from China wearing a hanging blouse
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Chinese Model

Name: Ke
Age: 20
City: Taiyuan, China
Agency: AsianDate (Read Our Review)
ID#: 1286374

If you are into eating at your local Chinese restaurant and enjoy the food then you’re in luck if you can catch Keke.

She can cook and she’s only 20 years old! This means that she comes from a traditional family in which teaching the woman the duties of the house is part and parcel of the customs of upbringing.

You have to admit that this girl is an absolute knockout. Tall, slender, beautiful, that about sums her up. If you like dumplings then that’s a bonus, because that’s her favorite Chinese food too. Actually, she can be your ‘little dumpling’!

Keke likes to watch and play basketball and at a height of 5’7” she probably plays centre. She wishes that she had been born a handsome boy but Oh Boy! What a waste that would have been to the world.

The problem this beautiful young lady has is that she lives in Taiyuan and that city sits on top of the heap when we talk about most polluted cities in the world.

She loves traveling so the suggestion to you is get to know her and simply elope. Take her back to your country or at least take her out of that city! It’s your duty!

At the age of 20, by the way, she can’t marry for another 2 years, legally, in China, so it’s definitely a better idea to whisk her away to another country.

Look at her pictures and you know when she says she is a model then that’s true. Her English might not be so good but if you can pick up a bit of Mandarin to impress her then you have a great chance to win her heart.

Try this one: Nihao – that means hello. Or: Wo ai ni – that means I love you. You don’t really need to know any more than that.