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Beautiful African Girl

Name: Betigist
Age: 19
City: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Agency: African Beauties (Read Our Review)
ID#: 1236632

Betigist is a very sexy 19 year old African girl from Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

Most of you guys probably don't even know where that is - but I'm sure you will be inspired to break out an Atlas when I tell you that Betigist here is in the market for a foreign boyfriend.

She likes watching animated movies, doing aerobics and singing - sounds like this girl would be alot of fun.

I'm not sure what the drinking age is in Ethiopia, but if you decide to take a trip to Addis Ababa be sure to try the Tej.

Tej is the national drink of Etiopia, it is a beer type beverage brewed from honey.  But be careful, the stuff is strong!

Betigist's profile is over at African Beauties which has more beautiful African girls than any site I know of.  Check her out!

Here's a map if you want to book a trip:




    Profile Updated: 08/30/2014