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Reviewed by Ed Orton on 10/24/2017

Well, it looks like RussiAmore has officially bit the dust. The site has been down for months now and I can't get ahold of the owner of the site. I'm gonna leave this review up for a while in case the site comes back online - but for now why not check out our Elena's Models Review.


RussiAmore is small as full service sites go, but we are extremely enthusiastic about its future. There are tons of gorgeous women and the site is easy to use and well laid out.  On most profiles there are a lot of extra photos if you click on the woman's photo.

They also offer tours and they have recently opened an office in Odessa, Ukraine, so they are a true full service agency.

RussiAmore's Registration Process

What makes RussiAmore unique is that they rigorously screen MALE members too.  They have the most detailed Free Member sign up of any company in the entire industry.  You will not be allowed to view profiles of women unless you have a highly rated application and if your application does not pass muster you will be denied your free membership.

They deny about 20% of all male applicants and that is really amazing.  

Apparently, the women love this process, because it keeps them from having to dig through so many losers.  That's really important, because at some of the larger sites a beautiful woman might be getting hundreds of letters a day, most from guys she is not interested in at all. So,  you probably have a better chance of hearing back from a woman at RussiAmore than at some of the bigger sites.

So, the application to become a Free Member is a little onerous, but it serves an important purpose and separates RussiAmore from the competition.


TIP: Fill out the application and join as a free member so that you can score the five free credits. Then go through the profiles, favorite the ones you like, and see which ones of your favorites write you back.

RussiAmore also has one of the most reasonable price structures anywhere in the industry.

  • 1 dating letter $ 2.90
  • 5 dating letters $ 9.90
  • 15 dating letters $ 24.90

It costs one "letter" to send or receive information, but at as low as $1.66, that's much better than most sites that use the letter model.   


RussiAmore conducts background checks on their female members every month to help confirm the validity of their profiles. That's a very strong anti-scam feature, but they also warn members about the perils of scammers.

Furthermore, this is a Norwegian company, so it falls under the legal jurisdiction of the European Union. Finally, they do use a third party credit card processor.

Overall Grade for RussiAmore
Hotness Factor A
The girls are very hot.  Man, where do all these come from?  RussiAmore really does have a high percentage of smoking hot girls.
Number of Profiles B+
They don’t have the vast number of profiles of some web sites, but far more than the bear minimum.  Really, if you can’t find a few interesting girls among the 4,000 plus on this site you probably have bigger problems than just needing a girlfriend, pal.
Quality of Profiles A-
It’s pretty hard to complain.  The photos  are great and generally the personal essays are long enough to give you a pretty good feel for the girl’s personality.  However, some statistics about the date they started and perhaps more personal info would be nice.
Service A
RussiAmore seems to place high value on customer service. 
Security A+
They cover all the bases in terms of security.  They are headquartered in the EU, use a third party credit card processor, and check up on the background of their female clients.  That’s about all you can hope for.  Beyond that you pretty well have to take care of yourself big boy.
Cost A
RussiAmore has a clear easy to understand price structure.  That’s almost a miracle, but, even better, they are the price leader in introductions and competitive on tour prices.  Also, they do not say that they will eliminating personal contact information like many sites, so that’s an advantage too.
Overall Grade A
RussiAmore has pretty well everything you want in terms of security, customer service, and price. Of course, you should realize that they do not have as many profiles as some sights, but can you really look at 30,000 profiles?  Overall, it’s pretty hard to complain about RussiAmore, but it would be nice if they would strengthen their profiles a little and develop a better search engine.
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