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Colombian mail order brides are everywhere these days from 90 Day Fiancé to nearly every town or city in the United States.  These sexy Latin women are amazing!

It is easy to understand why Colombia is increasingly edging out international dating hot spots like Ukraine and the Philippines as the number one romance travel destination for many men, particularly Americans. 

I mean, what red-blooded male doesn’t want a beautiful Colombian woman like Shakira in his life? This isn’t a fantasy. Look at the women in the gallery above you have a decent chance of getting a date with any of those women!

See the women in on the strip below those are REAL Colombian brides who want to meet guys very similar to you, Exactly what are you waiting for?

You can talk about travel time, cultural connections, good food, and a developed tourist industry, but the international dating industry is driven completely and totally by the women. 

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Latina’s are famous for their smoldering beauty, and Colombia, is right in the middle of Latin America.   Latina’s sex appeal is famous from Rita Hayworth and Raquel Welch to Sofia Vergara and Colombia’s own Shakira.    

So, first and foremost we have to talk about Colombian women.  You are reading this because you want to know if you have a chance with sexy Colombian women.  So, keep reading and decide for yourself.

This is amazing, but it is true. There are thousands of sexy Colombian women signed up on international dating sites. That should make you happy – very happy – if you are a lonely single guy, but it makes a lot of guys nervous.

They worry that this is all a romance scam. They want to know why these Latin women want to meet old gringos.

Why Do Colombian Women Want to Meet Foreign Men?

You might be wondering why Colombian women who look like supermodels are looking overseas for a husband?  This is one of the most common questions that men have about international dating. 

Well, the answer is simple.


Just a little respect.  Aretha Franklin nailed it back in 1967.  It is really what all women want and deserve, and in Colombia it is something a lot of women have a hard time getting, because of the deeply ingrained macho culture.

In most of the West men catch a lot of flack for being chauvinistic or biased from the progressive feminists.

Colombia, like much of Latin America, is an extraordinarily macho country.  It is written into the nation’s history and culture, and this macho attitude is one of the main reasons that Latinas sign up with international dating agencies.

Macho Men and Mail Order Brides

The pressures that this macho, patriarchal culture puts on Colombian women is hard for most Western men to understand.  This is not just minor complaints feminists in the United States and Europe often complain about.

Machismo goes far deeper and it is something you should understand before you go to Latin American, because then you will know what you need to do to distinguish yourself from the local men.  To do that you need to get to a good explanation of macho and try to understand how it is a daily issue for Colombian girls. 

According to most researchers machismo has two main components: aggressiveness and hypersexuality.  Marriage and Family Encyclopedia explains:  “Differences, verbal or physical abuse, or challenges must be met with fists or other weapons.”

In short, women must accept physical violence in their relationships with men.  But according to the same source it gets worse. A Latin man, “…shouldn’t be afraid of anything, and he should be capable of drinking great quantities of liquor without necessarily getting drunk.” 

So, these drunks dudes believe it is not just their right, but their communal duty to settle their differences physically.  This is the main reason that Latin America generally, and Colombia, specifically have insane levels of violence against women. 

Violence against women is not just accepted it is expected from men.  So, according to the United Nations 18.3% of Colombian women are victims of domestic violence each year, as opposed to 1.1% of Canadian women. 

They Do Not Trust Local Men

If violence is not a good enough reason for Colombian women to think about looking outside of South America for a husband Consider this quotation from the Marriage and Family Encyclopedia:

The other major characteristic of machismo is hypersexuality.  To take advantage of a young woman sexually is cause for pride and prestige, not blame. In fact, some men will commit adultery just to prove to themselves that they can do it. Excepting the wife and a mistress, long-term affectionate relationships should not exist. Sexual conquest is to satisfy the male vanity. Indeed, others must know of one’s potency, which leads to bragging and storytelling. A married man should have a mistress in addition to casual encounters. His relationship with his wife is that of an aloof lord-protector. The woman loves, but the man conquers—this lack of emotion is part of the superiority of the male.

Colombian men not only cheat on their girlfriends and wives but they’ve actually developed a reputation for being the worst lotharios in all of Latin America. Cheating is almost a national sport here.

A Colombiana’s interest in a Western man is rooted in the fact that she’s unlikely to find a monogamous relationship with a local guy. Another aspect of this is that she doesn’t want to be a trophy wife or girlfriend. She knows that marrying an American or European guy means she’ll be viewed as equal. And not a possession.

Speaking of possessions – Colombian men are real mommy’s boys. This means they tend to be spoiled, opinionated and prone to running away from their problems. And finally, cute Colombian girls are hard-working so they want guys with a strong work ethic. Which is also something sorely lacking in the majority of Colombian dudes – a job.

So, now do you see why Colombian women keep signing up as mail order brides? But why should a smart, successful guy like you consider looking for a serious relationship with a woman from Colombia?

7 Reasons you should consider a Colombian bride

There are lots of reasons why Western guys travel halfway across the world to find hot Colombian brides.

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.

A Colombian girl has traditional family values

Generally, a Colombian woman will often look to their husband to be the leader of the family. He is expected to protect them in emergencies and is the breadwinner.

A Colombian wife is in charge of child-rearing and running the house. That is the cultural norm for a Colombian female, as it is in most countries. It is obviously the exact opposite to what you’ll find in the “Woke West”. Where women have spent decades ignoring their biological urges to “become” career women.

Women who now have little chance of finding a husband. But that doesn’t mean that a beautiful Colombian woman is a doormat. Your Colombian gal expects and demands far more respect than her grandmother did. They will almost always go along with your final decision, but you’d better include them in the process that leads you there.

Oh and part of her traditional values is a love of Colombian culture. So make sure you show respect for her heritage and her history. 

She takes care of her body

Every Colombian gal likes to look good – even after they get married. But they know that requires a mix of effort and self-control. So instead of pounding donuts into their faces they eat healthy meals.

The average Colombian lady is out exercising during the day instead of sitting at home bingeing on Netflix, surrounded by empty ‘UberEats’ bags. And most of their friends do the same thing. So it’s almost cultural in Colombia for women to stay in good shape.

A beautiful Colombian woman isn’t an “accident” – she’s a result of making good choices. But don’t assume that every single woman here looks like Shakira or has traditional values. Because Western influences have been slowly leaking into the country.

Colombian women are happy 

Colombia regularly ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world. Seriously, their happy-go-lucky attitude is one of the main reasons so many men fall hard for their Colombian wife. Dating an unhappy woman is one of the quickest known routes to chronic depression.

But if you still have any questions about dating a Colombian woman you should check out this Fox News video about the international dating scene in Colombia:

Latinas love older men

Latin American women believe that men are immature before thirty. They’re probably right if we’re being honest, guys. So the average Latin girl will try to marry a man in his mid-thirties or older. They believe that older men are more dependable and kinder.

Younger men are more unpredictable, hot-tempered and generally have no clue what they want from life. That goes double for Colombian men with a Casanova complex. These young guys are looking for a hook-up with a new Latin woman every night of the week.

Your Colombian mail order bride, on the other hand, wants to be romanced and respected. She’s tired of machismo and the immaturity that goes along with that.

She wants to have kids

This ties in with the “traditional values” I mentioned earlier. In Latin American countries, kids are viewed as a blessing instead of a burden. Believe me, you won’t have to ask her if she’s interested in having kids. She’ll be the one to bring it up and she’ll want a straight answer.

So if you have zero interest in ever having kids you should tell her that before you even meet for a date. Because by the time you meet her family (and you will have to meet her family) she already views you as potential father material. She’s already mentally in “Colombian wife” mode and she’s hoping you see her as a life partner.

She’s doesn’t care about material possessions.

girl getting money from wallet

Don’t get me wrong – Colombian women love nice stuff. So if you happen to have a big house, car and a good job, she’ll totally dig that. But you’ll rarely – if ever – be judged by a Colombian gal on the size of your bank balance.

Cute Colombian girls are far more interested in the size of your heart. They know they’re attractive, by any standard you choose, but they’re still far more interested in the type of man you are and not what you’re worth.

If she does show an unusual amount of interest in your net worth this is a real red flag that you’re dealing with a prepagas – a gold digger. The flip-side of this is that being a cheapskate is a deal-breaker too.

Monogamy is a thing

90% of Colombian women are Catholics. That means they share a set of values that include not cheating on a Colombian man, for example. There’s also the fact that she’s been at the receiving end of infidelity at least once in her life. Thanks to the same Colombian man she refuses to be unfaithful to.

So the majority of Colombian girls will remain faithful to you, even if you’re 5,000 miles away. But she’ll expect the same in return. And she finds/suspects out you’re dating “ a few girls” she’ll drop you like a hot potato.

Don’t ever give your Colombian bride-to-be any reason to be jealous. You’ll regret it.

Why are Colombian women so attractive?

hot Colombian in a snake skin printed bikini

We haven’t covered this so far because it’s pretty much a given that Colombian women are typically physically beautiful. Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of 20 of the hottest Colombian women in the world.

But what makes the vast majority of Colombian ladies so ludicrously attractive that men travel from all over the world to meet them? We’ll cover off the obvious reason first – their looks. How your Colombian girlfriend looks is the product of Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans hooking up and having babies over the span of about 500 years. The net result is women who are an intoxicating ethnic mix.

The Colombian beauty you hear so much about online. Cute Colombian girls are a visual smorgasbord for the single Western man. Something else that makes your future Colombian mail-order bride so attractive is competition. Women here don’t just care about their own appearance – they also care about how healthy, fit and curved their friends look. So that creates competition among Colombian singles.

No girl wants to look or feel like the 5/10 in a group of 9/10 women. It’s also worth mentioning that their beauty isn’t just about their physical appeal. They have a natural passion for life and a great attitude that accentuates their physical beauty. Basically, you get the full package with a Colombian lady.

Why Colombian want to marry a Western gentleman

Colombian girl dancing

You might be wondering why Colombian women who look like supermodels are looking overseas for a husband?


Aretha Franklin nailed it way back in 1967. Any Colombian girl wants to be treated as equal in their relationship with a local guy. Unfortunately, this is a real case of not just trying to swim upstream  – it’s like trying to swim up a waterfall.

Colombian men not only cheat on their girlfriends and wives but they’ve actually developed a reputation for being the worst lotharios in all of Latin America. Cheating is almost a national sport here.

A Colombiana’s interest in a Western man is rooted in the fact that she’s unlikely to find a monogamous relationship with a local guy. Another aspect of this is that she doesn’t want to be a trophy wife or girlfriend. She knows that marrying an American or European guy means she’ll be viewed as equal. And not a possession.

Speaking of possessions – Colombian men are real mommy’s boys. This means they tend to be spoiled, opinionated and prone to running away from their problems. And finally, cute Colombian girls are hard-working so they want guys with a strong work ethic. Which is also something sorely lacking in the majority of Colombian dudes – a job.

What a Colombian girl wants in a guy

So what do local women actually look for in a foreign guy? If you’ve do you been out of the dating game for a few years you’re probably worried about how you could possibly attract. Well, you don’t have to worry about that. As far as most Latina brides are concerned you are a rock star. Or, at the very least, a nice guy who is a world away from the rude local guys she’s had to put up with her entire life.

When it comes to the dating culture a typical Colombian man is aggressive and pushy. So absolutely be yourself and let them see that you are not just a playboy. But remember there’s two sides to the “bad guy” story.

Your Colombian girlfriend has probably heard more than a few horror stories about why she shouldn’t date a Western man. Sometimes from friends. Sometimes from biased Colombian media. So, don’t just expect a gorgeous Colombian girl to fall into your arms without expecting you to prove yourself to her. She’s smarter than that.

Treat her like a princess

You should arrange to pick her up for a date- not just meet her wherever it is your destination is. Be sure to bring flowers to your first date. Open doors and ask her opinion about where to go and what to do. 

Simply put: be a gentleman. Get into, “Matthew McConnaughey” mode. Remember, women in Colombia watch Hollywood movies and a lot of Mexican soap operas. They want romance, so it is almost impossible for you to overdo it with flowers, compliments, and smiles.  

Be well groomed

This should be a case of stating the obvious but it’s worth saying anyway. Make sure you are groomed, clean, and smell good before any date. Any Colombian woman will have put a lot of effort into her appearance, so will appreciate you doing the same. Turning up in a T-shirt, shorts and sandals will make exactly the wrong impression on her.

Where to find single Colombian women

Where can a single man go online to find his potential Colombian bride? You can choose between region-specific dating sites, an international dating site, or maybe a marriage agency.

There are literally tens of thousands of potential Colombian mail order brides on both. But far and away the leader in Colombia dating is “A Foreign Affair”. (A Foreign Affair)

A Foreign Affair is the oldest and most respected international dating agency operating in Colombia. They have offices in all of Colombia’s major cities. 

Check out our glowing A Foreign Affair Review.   

What makes them great is that they run numerous romance tours to Colombia each year and they have drivers, guides, and translators available almost everywhere.  That makes the logistics of meeting, dating, and later marrying a Colombian lady a lot simpler for you.

For lots more information, check out The Best Damn Guide to Romance Tours!   

They also offer matchmaker services if you need them. In fact, even if you’re a single man using another online dating site to meet a Colombian woman you should consider using AFA’s translators. They are consummate professionals. 

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Colombian Cupid is one of the most popular online dating sites for finding and meeting a single Colombian woman who could become a potential Colombian bride. You get chat and video chat features but at a reasonable price. There’s also the peace of mind that this is one of the Cupid Media family of sites.

Check out our Colombian Cupid review for more info on finding Colombian singles. 

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If you just want to chat with centerfold gorgeous Colombian models then Amolatina is perfect for you. But like Colombian Cupid they don’t offer any of the practical help you need to actually meet the Latina of your dreams. Some of the profiles will simply blow you away though – these truly are hot Colombian women.

Here is our long review with all of the pros and cons of using AmoLatina.

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Behappy2Day is very similar to Amolatina in that it’s a dating site for meeting Colombian singles and/or  hot Colombian brides. The girls are gorgeous but it is pretty expensive to use. With that said how much is it worth to you to  find and chat with the perfect Colombian mail order bride?  

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Summing it Up

And that brings us to the end of our guide on how finding, meeting and dating women who can become hot Colombian brides. Hopefully it provided you with all the information you need.

If you’re looking for a demanding, temperamental, high maintenance woman that you can never please, a Colombian mail order bride probably isn’t for you.

However, if you are looking to meet a beautiful, even-tempered woman for marriage, perhaps you should consider developing a relationship with some of these stunning Colombian women. 

Or you can just put up with your dating life right now.

Which probably isn’t where you want to be, right?

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Colombia Quick Stats

Capital City: Bogotá
Population: 49820225
Language: Spanish
Climate: Tropical along coast and eastern plains; cooler in highlands
Coastline: 1,993 mi/3,208 km
Government: Unitary presidential constitutional republic
Currency: Peso (COP)
Time Zone: UTC−5
Country Code: +57
Driving Side: Right
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