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Name: Livia
ID#: 116221124
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 29
City: Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Archetypes: Motivated Brides,

Livia is sexy and 29! This beautiful young lady is an honest straightforward kind of gal. She is living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Belo Horizonte translates into Beautiful Horizon, and that is exactly what your life will look like if you can manage to woo her.

For me it only took 5 seconds alone with her profile to become infatuated. After a few moments more, I could see that this woman was worth investigating!

Livia is the perfect example of why we love Brazilian women!

This Belo Horizonte babe is more than just another stunner, although I dare you to try to stop looking at her!

She is very passionate and it shows through her pictures.

She is college educated and loves to have long walks with that special someone! Seeing the sights and talking about whatever is in the headlines might be a perfect way to get to know her.

Let me ask you guys: can you feel it? I am telling you this woman is perfect, if you are not falling over yourself at this point, you my friend need a doctor.

Hold on a minute, before you start mixing the Pina Colada and break out your Rupert Holmes 45, you may want to check out what she is looking for in a man – here is what she says in her profile over at Amolatina.com:

“I need a man I can trust. Such a person should be supportive.”

If you think you fit that description then head on over to Amolatina and check out her profile (and those incredible pictures!)

If you can’t manage that much, and that’s not asking for much, then you are probably on the wrong site. Every lady deserves a man she can trust.

If you want to talk to Livai in person it would only take you about $3.00 to really start getting to know her with Amolatina’s amazing range of communication technologies including instant messaging and video chat.

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